Erosion Of The Soul : Lennon – Blistered

By Tieuma
Last year, Soul Erosion almost reached my favorite records list. I listened to it quite a few times and really enjoyed it.
Then, I somehow lost sight on the band, until August, when they teamed up with Decibel Magazine to stream their new records : The Poison Of Self Confinement”. And what a blast.
 Here’s our little discussion with Lennon, singer of the band.


DxR : “Coming from Florida, and playing in SHOVELHEAD (supposing I’m talking to William), what is you position on Death Metal ? Is it a traditional music in your state ? Favorite records of the genre.”
Lennon : “(Yes you’re talking to William, I usually go by my middle name, Lennon). Obviously FL has a deep-rooted death metal history. I am a fan of some death metal. Favorite DM records include At The Gates – Slaughter Of the Soul, Dismember – like an ever flowing stream, Carcass – Heartwork, Cryptopsy – None So Vile, and really any Obituary record.”
DxR : “You’ve dropped your new LP this summer, and it seems like it got strong reactions. How do you see things from your perspective ? Are you satisfied with what you did there ? Do you feel life it’s a progression for the band ?”
L : “It seems like people are really into the record which is a great feeling. I am 100% satisfied with the record in every aspect. I’ve never been more proud of anything. It is definitely a progression for us, it’s a bit more metallic than our previous record and we set out to make a record that would be more interesting for people to listen to and for us to play in terms of both the riffs and the songwriting.”

DxR : “You worked with Kevin Bernstern to records this new effort, how did it went ? Was there any pressure implied ? How did the deal happened ? Was there any problemes during the recording, or tensions regarding how it was supposed to be like ?”

L : “Recording with Kevin was awesome. We got along great and the whole process was super fun start to finish. No pressure or tension.”

DxR : “What is your composition process like ? Are you a band as your all gathering to play often or your dispatched all over the country, like a lot of bands nowadays ?”
L : “We’re spread out all over FL, about 4 hours apart. Usually one of us will come in with a riff and then the rest of us will work on the song together from there.”

DxR : “I really liked the Soul Erosion Ep, both musically and lyrically. As I’m French and didn’t received my copy of the records yet, I can’t really get into the words of this new records, but aside UNBROKEN, what is inspiring your writing style and content ? “

L : “As far as just the lyrics and thematic vibe of the record, I am influenced heavily by Unbroken, as you said, as well as Damnation A.D., Poison The Well, etc. Our new LP, as well as Soul Erosion, both are lyrically more personal and introspective than they are political.”

DxR : “About those said lyrics, would you consider your vision of the world to be grim or are you just pissed off and need to see a change ? Do you think we will see a change one day ?”

L : “It’s hard to say. Again, the lyrics of this new record are primarily more personal and introspective so it’s hard to apply them to the real world. I think that there is potential for change in the world of people are willing to work for it.”

DxR : “Is for you Nineties hardcore only a type of sound or it’s also linked to a precise attitude, with the politics and all ?”
L : “Not necessarily. You can have a band like Madball or a band like Earth Crisis who are both unarguably quintessential “nineties hardcore” bands but have very different politics. I think it all depends on your perspective.”
DxR : “Did you listened to the recent rise of European 90’s Metallic bands that popped out ? Do you think there’s kind of a fashion around it ?”

L : “Not sure exactly what you mean about the fashion, but a lot of current European metallic hardcore bands are favorites of mine currently. Renounced, Repentance, Digress, Foreseen, and Guidance are my top 5 for sure. I also am really excited to hear more from Day Of Rights.”

DxR : “From your point of view, are we witnessing a 90’s Hardcore rebirth like it happened for Youth Crew before ?”
L : “I truly don’t know. People like to say that is happening but there aren’t a million bands playing the style now, at least here in the states. Regardless, like anything, if it is a trend there will be positive and negative aspects to the resurgence in popularity of that style.”
DxR : “Nammed after a STRIFE song, if you had to cover the band, which song would you pick ?”
L : “Probably WAITING or BLISTERED.”
DxR : “You’re signed on 6131 records, which got a pretty diverse roaster. How did the deal went ? Did they reach you to put out your records ? Don’t you feel appart from the rest of the bands on the label ?”
L : “They treat us well, are friends of ours, and have put out lots of hardcore records that I really love. I really couldn’t give a shit if we “fit in” on the label because quite frankly I don’t think we would “fit in” on too many labels in 2015.”

DxR : “How were your shows at This Is Hardcore and FYA Fest ?”

L : “They were both incredible. Playing this is hardcore was a literal dream come true and being a part of FYA was sick because it’s cool to have a real deal hardcore fest in our home state for the first time in a long time.”
DxR : “Did you bought the reissue of Chokehold records that A389 put out recently ? Will you try to catch them or BURN when they’ll play near you ? Or will you travel ?”

L : “Chokehold and Burn were great bands and seeing Chokehold live was definitely a surreal experience but I am more interested in seeing bands that are current hardworking “here and now” bands than reunion bands. No disrespect to either and obviously reunions have their place and seeing great bands I love who I never thought I would see is great but obviously seeing a band 20 years after the fact will never be the same as seeing them in their prime.”

DxR : “How hard can you go on a mosh part ?”
L : “I mostly just mosh to my friends bands and try to have fun and let out some frustration. I wouldn’t consider myself a super hard Mosher.”
DxR : “As you’re guitarist in one of your other band, how many songs did you wrote for the band ?”

L : “In any band im in I always try to be a part of the writing process no matter what I play, and I try to get everyone involved so that the songs are written as a band.”


DxR : “Between the Death Metal world and hardcore, what are the difference you could put on the table ? Where do you feel the most comfortable ?”

L : “I absolutely feel more comfortable in the hardcore world. That’s where my interests and friends are and that’s the place where I feel like there’s a real community.”

DxR : “Metalcore bands from the nineties were sometimes considered just as metal bands, what kind of distinction you can give between the two ?”

L : “To me 90’s/early 2000’s metalcore is just hardcore. It’s hardcore kids involved in the hardcore community playing heavy music as an outlet for their beliefs. Doesn’t get anymore real hardcore than that as far as I’m concerned.”

DxR : “What is the last good records Victory put out for you ?”

L : “I am a sucker for Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, Taking Back Sunday, etc. I got into all those bands when I was 12/13 and eventually found hardcore by falling down the rabbit hole through those bands, so I would say that those are the last good records Victory put out. Also the new Terror record!”

DxR : “Favorite New Age band and record ?”
L : “Strain – Here And Now / Unbroken – Life Love Regret / Lifetime – Background”
DxR : “Living in Florida, how much times a year do you go to the beach ? Are you playing folk guitar and singing romantic songs ?”

L : “I am not the biggest fan of the beach. I go probably once every couple of months and it’s nice but I have friends who go every day and I get bored of it.”

DxR : “Would rather live in Alaska and don’t feel the cold at all but melt when it’s hot, or being chased by a bigass doghound everyday of your life ?”
L : “I would rather live in South Florida than anywhere else on earth.”

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