Another break in the vicious chain : Jake – Some Nerve

By Tieuma

DxR : “Do you got some nerve ?”
Jake : “I’d say have a few nerves maybe more. Also wanna say these are great questions.”
DxR : “How do you deal with the fact there’s a band from texas with the exact same name ? Have you ever listened to it ?”
Jake : “Hahaha it’s actually fine they don’t seem to care and we don’t either. If there were any problems we all agreed as a band we would fly to Texas and we would battle for the name. It’s definitely not my thing at all though but good for them. We actually played a fest in Florida called FYA fest last year and someone tweeted at them saying “oh I thought you guys were gonna be here bummed it’s not you!” Then they replied saying “No it’s definitely not us but you should go check out the other Some Nerve. They’re real as fuck!” It was something like that.”
DxR : “As hard as I tried to find more infos about you and your band, I can’t find much, can you introduce yourself, who does what in the band, side projects, favorite meal and pet names ?”

J : “Well I’m Jake and I sing for Some Nerve.

Kevin plays drums.
Cons plays Bass. He’s off the grid you’ll never know who he is.
Andrew plays guitar alongside Dan.
We’re all in a bunch of different bands some with each other and some not. I play guitar and sing in a band called V-Sect which is from providence and it’s pretty heavily black metal influenced kinda thing. Dan and I are also in a new band that’s demo should be out relatively soon called Prison Hit and it’s fucking awesome. Very motorcharged. Dan also plays guitar in Caught In A Crowd (CIAC) which is a great hardcore band also from MA. Kevin is in endless bands from Boston. He sings for Chain Rank,plays drums in Preskool Dropouts and plays guitar in Contingent. I’m sure I’m missing a few. Andrew also plays guitar in a band called Beartrap which 3 of us in this band used to be a part of. And Cons and Dan and I are in a band that Cons will be fronting called Killing Fields. It’s total Crucifix worship and that demo should also be out soon.
I know for a fact that I can say on behalf of this band that our favorite meal over all is Town Spa pizza. It’s this pizza joint in Stoughton,MA. Classic townie bar with obviously the best slices.
Kevin has a German Shepard. His names Onyx. That is very cool. He won’t let me touch him.”
DxR : “Is this band taking you a lot of times ? What is your rehearsal routine ?”
J : “Oh no definitely not. We spent a lot
Of time writing the record and we’re just kinda hanging and practicing when we have a show coming up. We’re planning to do a tour in the winter,maybe down to
Florida so we can hang on the beach while it snows in Massachusetts. I’m sure we’re gonna be writing for something new in the next few months though.”
DxR : “Is it something done consciously to hide yourself from the internet ?”
J : “I don’t really think that that’s something we do consciously really. For me personally it’s annoying to see someone posting about their band non stop it almost makes you not want to listen to it. Really though we just kind of put out the record we still do post when we have shows or something coming up.”
DxR : “Despite the careless aspect of your music, your lyrics seems to be more thoughtful. What is inspiring your writing style ?”
J : “It’s really just problems I have with certain aspects of life and people that I really don’t like. All personal to me really.”
DxR : “Coming from Masachusetts, what is your favorite band from the state ?”
J : “If we’re talking current I personally would say Rival Mob. They don’t play that much anymore but when they do its always fucking awesome. If we’re talking in general though it’s easily Jerrys Kids also Out Cold.”

DxR : “There’s a punkrockish touch in your sound,yet it’s super aggressive and to the point. Any 80’s BHC worship ?”
J : “Oh yeah totally. Like I said previously how Jerrys Kids are my favorite Boston band there’s a lot of influence in there. Also not too 80s but Out Cold also had a major impact on it.”
DxR : “How did you met with the people from Triple B ? How is it, from your point of view, to work with them ? Did it helped you to be from the same state in any ways possible ?”
J : “We’ve all known Sam for a while who runs Triple B, and he’s just a really cool fucking guy and he’s been nothing but helpful to us. We played Americas Hardcore fest last year after some band dropped the Saturday matinee show so we opened it. The next day he texted Dan and asked if we wanted to do record so we were all down to do I and very excited. It definitely helps to be from the same state because we all hang and eat shitty food together sometimes and it’s just cool.”
DxR : “Did you get good reactions for the new EP you released this summer ? Anything to share about the recording or writing process of this Sense Of Control ?”
J : “Yeah I think that the show we played with Protester which was also our record release and part of their record release weekend was a pretty wild time. We really haven’t gotten any bad feedback about it so I’m guessing it’s going over pretty well.
As far as the writing process. It was hilarious. It was hilarious because I would just be at practice some days and we’d all be writing something and then all of a sudden one of these mother fuckers start playing the intro to the first Turnstile record and that literally would go on for hours.
So I would be losing my mind internally waiting for it to end. No disrespect I love turnstile but my friends wouldn’t stop and they knew it drove me insane so they loved to do it to me. Other than that it really didn’t take us too long to come up with songs.
Some we had ready just for whatever we were gonna do next and one that’s on a comp that Atomic Action! Is putting out.
Outside Boston, how lively is the MA hardcore scene ?
You know it’s really hard to tell. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad or good. Bands come and go of all different styles and venues too. So for the most part you have people that will only go to the heavier shows which l don’t mind but it’s not really my thing and then you have Boston which is very different with the more kind of punk hardcore bands. Then you have people that are fucking confused and don’t know what they’re doing so they come to Boston to see what they’ve been talking shit about for so long and some end up liking it. Some are still just meatheads with a stuffed jacket on and they usually don’t stay. So for now I’m
Gonna say Boston is the best just stick with that.
What do you do to stand the rain in the east coast ?
You go to fucking Town Spa baby.
Aren’t you more of a Metalhead ? What did you listened to while growing up ?
I don’t think so honestly. I like playing guitar with V-Sect and its just something I’ve always wanted to do, like write music for a black metal band. Honestly growing up i listened to a lot of like street punk bands like  The Unseen and A global Threat. That’s actually where we got our name is from an AGT song. Obviously listened to Black Flag and The Misfits and Minor Threat etc. Street punk is just where I kind of started.
SOME NERVE is kind of your only punk project, why doing it ?
I guess it is? I never really thought about it like that haha. I just like playing music with my friends and this is something fun for us to do and i think that’s why I’m doing it.
How was your time in BEARTRAP ? I remember I saw this band playing in Europe a while ago, with WITCHCULT, were you part of this tour ?
My time in Beartrap was very fun and long. I was on that tour that was actually the first tour I had ever done and still to this day one of the longest ones and also one of the coolest moments of my life. Mike is a madman and I love him to death.

Why Kevin wouldn’t let you touch his dog ?
Its not really that Kevin won’t let me touch onyx, onyx is just afraid of most people that aren’t Kevin.

With members playing in a shitload of bands that are touring a bunch, do you feel like your band is somehow penalized by the schedule of its members ?
Honestly not really. We always find a way to make it work if someone’s gonna be gone for something which is also very rare that hat happens. So I’m gonna go with a no on that one.
You’re insulting the other band members a lot, is it something cultural or linked to your band ? Are you sometime beating up each others ?
Oh it’s totally something cultural. We all make fun of each other all the time where ever we are. You put a bunch of friends in a room who have known each other for years you’re gonna see a lot of joke fights.
Are you from Irish descent ? Is it a cliché or there’s most of the population in Masachussetts that is Irish ?
Yes I am and also yes. St Patrick’s day parade every fucking idiot from Boston is “irish”.
What is your wildest show memory with SOME NERVE ?
We played a house show in South Carolina somewhere and it was a pretty small room and people were going nuts. I ended up on top of the crowd at one point it was great.
What can make you nervous or hit a nerve ?
I don’t like heights at all. So no heights.
Favorite BHC records ?
Is This My World- Jerrys Kids
 Back On The Map- Slapshot
 This Is Boston Not L.A.
 SSD- Get It Away
You know the drill, we know the drill there’s so many more everyone knows these records but they really are fucking perfect.
Favorite heavy metal records and no,  SSD “Break It Up” isn’t an option.
Been listening to the new Watain record like crazy it’s called The Wild Hunt.
Carcass- Heartwork
Metallica- Ride The Lightening
Darkthrone- Panzerfaust
Hate Forest- The Most Ancient Ones
Danzig 1,2, and 3.

Non hardcore punk favorite band and release ?
Smashing Pumpkins- Siamese Dream
The Replacements- Let it Be

Would you rather be a plastic bottle that can’t be recycled or loose a random limb every now and then ?
Def a plastic bottle. Not too different from being a person you feel me?

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