I’m glad to announce that Alexis’s first issue of the STRAIGHT & ALERT fanzine is now available image

“Here is the first issue of STRAIGHT & ALERT fanzine. Pro printed 92 pages in A4 on glossy paper, black & white written in english. This first issue features interviews with:

Foreseen (Finland – Take It Back records / 20 Buck Spin records)

Sex Prisoner (USA – A389 records)

Xibalba (USA – Southern Lord records)

Blindside USA (USA – Straight & Alert records)

Brendan Radigan (The Rival Mob | Mind Eraser | Straight Razor | Magic Circle)

Tom Pimlott (Violent Reaction | Obstruct | The Flex | Arms Race)

Patrick Hassan (Carry The Weight records | Sectarian Violence | xRepentancex)

Connor Donegan (Protester | Red Death | Pure Disgust | Genocide Pact)


+ Record reviews, columns and a bunch of other stuff…”

Can’t wait to read this [MESSAGE ADRESSE AU PRINCIPAL INTERESSE: D’ailleurs, ma gueule, n’oublie pas de me mettre un pre-order de côté avec le 7″ de BLINDSIDE USA et le LP de FREEDOM, tu seras mignon, et n’oublie pas le pain en rentrant mamour], because I guess every interview has been perfectly conducted – each band/musician requested for that first issue belongs to a whole part of current hardcore spirit we both like and would like to thank for of all the positive vibes they share playing in such great bands. Some of them (Connor, Tom for example) have already been interviewed by Tieuma and I for DxR and I know they will always have something interesting to tell to hardcore fans. I’m sure every column and rewiew will take great pride in promoting excellent new bands and individualities!

Undoubtedly, I can already thank Alexis for this new tread!

You can already order it @straight&alert website or order the issue + BLINDSIDE USA 7″ in december!

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