A Eddie LEEWAY Show

By Tieuma

Two weeks ago, I went to Basel, in Switzerland, to see Eddie Sutton and it’s friends play some songs again. Nothing linked to my previous interview thought, it’s a pure coincidence, but who cares anyway, LEEWAY is great, right ?

Not to bother you too much with my life, but first thing first, I have to tell you how stupidly hard and hazardous  it was to get to this show, and comeback.

Exactly like this TRUE COLORS reunion I went too last year, I thought I would never get there. I should say “we” actually, because I was with Johanna, my partner in crime, and the singer of OVERREACT in the car.

You know, in our country, we are in a shitty situation right now, and crossing a border is a tricky operation (well it’s a prison, don’t get me wrong we are pretty free, but cops can be dickheads still thought), and you got to be precautionary when you do so. And guess what, one of us forgot the ID. When we found back the said ID, we broke down the car keys trying to start it. Then we had to gather some notes because, hey, when we go on trip we go on broke.

Finally, after almost being one hour late on our schedule, we succeded to take off, heading to basel. We were lucky thought because there was no customs officer, which saved us a lot of precious time. But I was surprised to see how awful this city was to drive throught. Like tram are rolling on the car road. Maybe it’s normal in a lot of other countries but we’re fragile little frenchies, we’re not used to those kind of things. But it was a funny moment, we felt like this dog meme who don’t know the fuck he is doing, see ?

Basel is a huge city. Honestly, for such a little country, it’s impressive. And the venue was lost afar from downtown (or at least it’s how it felt), but it was a cool place, like a restaurant but held by punks, with political banners and tones of poster flyer.

And at this moment, when we paid for our tickets, I was sceptical about how the venue was empty. It was like no one cared about this band. I mean, the fact they are legendary isn’t a reason to get whole europe in one room, but I thought it’d move more people. Maybe it’s linked to the fact there was no opening band. Like LEEWAY alone isn’t worth coming over ? I don’t know, and I didn’t care much actually, to have them playing in front of litterally no one was a great perspective really.

Eddie didn’t seem to care much too. He was chilling in the room like it was another day in it’s life, and I liked that a lot. He was really cool and gentle to the few people in the room. I know some other people who did half his job and who are way more over their ass.

I was affraid we were late, but finally, as every shows, it started super late, like one hour after we went in. On stage, no one I could recognize, except one of the guitarists who eventually played in SKARHEAD, CROWN OF THORNZ, you know Mike Dijan. I got to say it was quite a guest. Eddie introduced the other members but unfortunately I’m unable to remember what he said … I’m sure they played in a ton of great bands but I’m sorry guys I’m too weak to do my job well enough.

After a little speech about how tough guy were polluting the general attitude and other stuff in the vein, telling us to keep the PMA, Rise And Fall first notes rung out… and the place didn’t went, but the few people in the room seemed to enjoy it and then they immediatly raise the bar with Enforcer. If Eddie wasn’t at it’s best, damn the other guys were on point. It was tightly played, great energy.

Talking about energy, if M.Sutton couldn’t sing as he was twenty, he was really into what he was doing, and it was heart warming kind of, because he just gave what he could, without pretending. And again, those guys playing were amazing.

At some point, after No Heroes, On The Outside and Who’s To Blame, a wild drunkling suddently appeared. Despite the positive message LEEWAY was trying to put up front tonight, this guy was an horrible piece of crap and in a place where no one was moving that much, this fucks took all the space. I mean I can understand it’s a mess when people are making a mess, but when you’re alone with your annoying behavior, you could have stayed home.

Anyway. As they were the only band playing, they decided to play some songs that weren’t on the set list, Make Me An Offer and something I recognized as Defy You (but maybe I was wrong), and they also didn’t stick only to Born To Expire or Desperate Measure. They played Comromise and Hornest Nest from Open Mouth Kiss and a ballad I couldn’t identify, but he said it was a good way to describe his mood at the time. Well, it was depressing so to say.

Of course they treated us with Kingpin, Born To Expire and Ball Huger and closed the set with Mark Of The Squiller. As people wanted one more song they played Soft Way Out and went away with this. Eddie invited us to come over to talk a bit, a warm guy all in all.

On our way back home, our car fucked us up and we had to stay in Strasbourg country side for the night, until we could take a train back home.

In the end, it was a still a great evening. There was some problems here and there, some fuck ups and little details but LEEWAY rocked it, it was tightly played and Eddie’s attitude was inspiring, really positive. Even though it didn’t look like the old days, it was a nice experience to see them play this set.

P.S : I’m sorry for the lack of pitcures but there wasn’t any photographers at the show, and I didn’t took any.

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