Scott Vogel – World Be Free!


By Ed


There was quite a bit floating around about WBF before they dropped the demo or gave us a taste.

I know I was very interested to see/hear what all the fuss was about …and now we know.

I got in contact with front man Scott Vogel to find about a bit more on the band.

DR: Hi Scott, you’re a super busy dude… where are you at right now?

SV – I’m in Chicago for the first day of a terror tour with code orange kids take offence and malfunction. King nine is on the show too. Should be cool.


DR: So give us a bit of back story… when and where did you guys decide to start up WBF?

SV – Basically i was hiking alone listening to the gorilla biscuits and just said to myself I wanna do a new band. One that is more positive and has a touch of melody. One where the focus isn’t on how hard the breakdowns are like ever band I’ve ever done. I texted my friend joe who was in despair with me cause I knew he would be great at writing this style. The band was born there.

DR: Did you all pretty much have the same vision with WBF?

SV – I don’t think there was much more vision then making some powerful music. Sammy said right from the start that if he was going to be a part of this he wanted to be hands on and make sure everything was 110 percent whereas I thought this would just be a recording and maybe a show or two. Everyone in the band has tons of ideas and thoughts about direction. We don’t always have the exact same ideas but in the end things have turned out great on all fronts so far.

DR: How would you describe WBF’s vibe?

SV – Positive and powerful. We draw from bands like day nasty uniform choice and minor threat – but are trying to do it in a fresh way. We aren’t pretending to go back and be in the 80’s but instead use that blueprint and move forward with where each of us are today.


DR: What have you been listing to personally while writing and recording for WBF?

SV-  The stuff I always listen too –  rival schools. Hot water music. Turning point. I don’t think I altered what I was listening too at the time or had to study up much on classics or anything like that. I have been into a lot of podcasts lately. As well as the Union of faith demo. True identity. Misery and King nine and the stuff I’m listening to most today. Also lots of hip hop.

DR: Have you been stoked with how the tape went down? It sold out quick.

SV – I’m glad people are interested and checking us out. That’s for sure. I really like the songs we made to be honest. I listen to the record a couple times a week.


DR: You recorded 14 more songs, right? How was the recording process and where did it happen?

SV – Yes the album has 14 songs. We actually recorded 16 but we thought 14 songs was enough for an Lp. One will end up on the next triple b records comp and who knows about the other extra song. I actually wasn’t there when the music was recorded I was away on tour and when I got home I did the vocals with nick, terrors drummer. It took some time to dial in my voice and figure out how I was going to sing over this new style of music but once we figured out what worked a lot of it came out very smoothly and the final product is something I’m really happy with. Sammy was also at the vocal recording with cool ideas and we ended up getting one guest spot on the record from Walter schreifels which is amazing to me as he is the best.

DR: You have a killer member line up, tell us who’s in there and what do they do?

SV – I’m on the microphone. Andrew Kline from strife on guitar. Joe from despair and envy on the other guitar. Arthur plays the bass. He plays with the gorilla biscuits and civ still and was in some classics like Warzone  and token entry  and of course Sammy is on the drums. His bands include side by side youth of today and many more. Really cool to be in a bands with all these dudes. We’re all fucking wackos too.


DR: I guess with the line up Rev was an obvious choice for you guys to work with?

SV – Yes it was. There was some others labels we talked about and to but rev was the right place for this thing.

DR: Will you get to practice and play much? Are you guys living close by each other?

SV-  Everyone but Arthur lives in the LA area so that’s a good start. We are doing some west coast shows with give in February and also a few east coast shows with judge at that time. I don’t think we will go over board but i do think we will be staying a touch busy


DR: Do you think you will end up touring much with WBF? Are you slowing down a bit with Terror?

SV -Terror is of course my main thing and terror is always busy. I think at some point we need to slow down a touch to stay mentally alive and grounded. But I still don’t think wbf will be super  active. Just play when the time is right.

DR: What do we have to look forward to from WBF?

SV -The album man. It’s pretty  cool. The title is the anti – circle and it comes out early February. I’m excited for people to hear it. I think you’ll also see us over in Europe at some point in 2016 if the timing is right.


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