Breaking Through The Joe Foster Interview – Part Two Unity,Ignite,No For An Answer.

By Ed

Foster_Ignite _photo_Fred Hammer

DR: What are your thoughts on the recent surge of old bands playing out again and sticking around?

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I would of loved have seen Dagga Nasty in Texas recently so I think if you embrace on then you must Embrace all. It’s funny how the course of life has do many different paths and detours but eventually, hopefully we all end up back at the place that made up the happiest. For me it’s always been music and the ocean.

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DR: You were a pro surfer right? I used to be very interested in Bodyboarding too, I lived in Cornwall as a kid and then we used to go back and holiday there for three weeks a year between going abroad when we moved up north. I used to surf the whole time man, loved it… was in love with Morey stuff, you were on the Morey Boogie team right?

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Ya, I was in the first wave of bodyboarding professionals and really enjoyed it. Seems like the progressive bodyboarding in California kinda stopped but then flourished in Oz and everywhere else. I miss it for sure. Me and Nelson got really into one summer. Thats a good memory.

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DR: What were some of your fondest memories from comps and stuff back then? Where are some of the best places you surfed?

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Probably the San Fransisco event every year at Halloween. We go out the night before and show up for our heats with no sleep and still in costumes. Also hanging with Mike Stewart and Keith Sasaki. I remember sitting on a wall with Keith watching Paul Roach drop knee before anyone ever heard of him and we were both in awe. That was our first look at the possibility of what someone could do on a bodyboard and the sign of the future to come for the sport.

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DR: You are also a Surf photographer- another passion we kind of share as I have a Padi Certification in Digital Underwater Photography. Tell us a bit about the Mag you do… Aladdin? Also some of the history of how you got into all this.


After all the competing etc I was in a head on collision and lost all my hearing in my left ear and half in the right. I totally affected my balance  but I still wanted to be close to the sport so I decided to try water photography. My magazine was an effort to bring exposure to all the talented surfers and photographers that never got the exposure they deserved.


DR: Tell us a bit about the name change? You changed from Unity to Winds Of Promise just after the 7″, right?

AP5G9602 copy

We never recorded but many songs on the UC Screaming for Change album, Man Against Man for NFAA etc were written in that band. We practices in an old wine cellar at Pat Longries house. Big Frank even played bass for it at one point. A Wish to Dream was also written in that band.

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DR: I know you guys didn’t play much but What would you say Unity’s finest hour was? And who were some of the first bands you played with?

AP5G9566 copy

Unity played the majority of shows with Robb Lynch singing. We did a lot of show at the Cathy De Grande, Roxannes, Ichabod’s in Fullerton etc. The Unity people usually refer to is the Pat Dubar Unity but there is a big history before Pat sang that was really special to all of us. I think maybe we played 5 or 6 shows only with Dubar singing. One of my favorite moments was playing with Marginal Man.

AP5G9476 copy

DR: How come your time with NFA was very short lived?


Good question. I am not really sure. I think during that time I had a chance to move overseas and try something new so I took it.

DR: Isn’t there some rad story to when you first started Ignite?

AP5G9408 copy

LOL, there are so many stories. When Joe Nelson didn’t work out and we have tour already booked, we thought the band was over. I was in Japan and got a call from Brett that the tour was back on and to come home. He said they found a singer who’s name was Zolton. I thinking, What???? come home to a Zolton. Brett assured me he was awesome. When I first met Zoli his hair was down to his ass and he pulled up in a old VW buss wearing cop sunglasses. I guess Gavin had saw him somewhere playing in a cover band the Clams and hit him up to sign. He was down because he wanted to go to europe. Thats the beginning aside from me and Brett writing music in my garage to a drum machine.

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DR: You were in Ignite for 3 years right? Did you tour a lot with the band in those years?


I was actually in the band for 6 years. We toured almost constantly. It was amazing. Best time of my life for sure. Things like playing in Norway where it was so cold the water on the bathroom floor had frozen and you had to bare foot ice skate to the other side to get to the shower. Things like that always make me smile.

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DR: What was your main motivation for starting bands in the beginning?

Also, what was the scene like when you first discovered Hardcore?

For me there has always been only one motivation. I like the sound of hardcore han writing music. I like the fact that music touches people and can change lives.

AP5G9670x copy

When I first became involved with hardcore was early 1981 when I heard Minor Threat on the Rodney on the Rock radio show. No music had ever hit me the way that did and I was hooked all in from that moment forward. The first show I ever saw was Seven Seconds first show in California. They are still one of my favorite all time bands and represent a special time in our scene when there was a true unity and not so many divisions and sub divisions of everything.


When Ignite came around, it was probably at the peak of the slower heavy type hardcore movement. Intergrity, Earth Crisis, Snapcase etc. All bands we toured with and still love.


DR: Would you say you have a stand out favourite of all the bands you have been in?AP5G9465 copy

hmmmm, I wish Winds of Promise would of recorded but for sure it’s got to be Ignite and everything about it. What me and Brett went through and all the crazy tours.

AP5G9416 copy

DR: Any last words bro?

I sort of quit Ignite abruptly because I got tired of playing the same songs every night. To make a long story short there were many people that I had met and truly cherished around the world I never got to say good bye to. I am hoping Blood Days has a chance to tour a lot and I get to see all those amazing people again.



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