Chris Corry – No Tolerance.

By Ed


This is an Interview I did with Chris Corry  a few months ago.

All photography by Angela Owens.

DR: Yo Chris, what’s up?

Frankenberry is what’s up. Finally found a place to stock up on some for the fall season today.


DR: Take us back, how did NT start up?

Well briefly – in 2007 me and Justin were sitting around on edge day bored because there was no show to attend that year. We were just hanging and decided we should just write and record some music that day because pretty much all the straight edge bands sounded like the foo fighters with screamo vocals. That’s really not my thing, so we wrote a few songs that we liked and recorded them. Then they just sat around for like a year and we decided to release them a little before our first show on October 17, 2008.


DR: What were some of the first bands you got to play with and where?

I sorta don’t remember? Probably Step Forward, Waste Management, Stick Together… Probably a bunch more.

DR: Did you know you wanted to be a bit more of a heavy sounding Hardcore band from the beginning?

We knew pretty clearly we wanted to be the same feel as the Confront 7″, Turning Point 7″, Break Down the Walls, etc. Like… just straight edge hardcore 87-90. Nothing modern or outside of that scope.


DR: What are some of the influences that still stick with NT to present day?

See above. It’ll never get more complex than that.

DR: Do You guys all live pretty close & get to practice a lot?

Everyone lives in the same city so yea we live pretty close. We rehearse when we have shows coming up and stuff like that.


DR: Is the song writing a group effort?

I end up writing the majority of the songs. Justin has written a few. For the new album Ryan and Doug did what a good rhythm section does and helped work out arrangements and transitions after I would bring in a new song, Justin writes most of the lyrics, it’s a group thing.


DR: You have a new killer record out “You Walk Alone”, are you pleased with how it turned out?

Yea everything worked out well. I’m happy its all done.

DR: How did you hook up with Painkiller Records?

Well… it’s a label that I’ve run with 2 friends since 2003, so I’ve released a lot of music on PKR in the past and I’d always planned to do a No Tolerance release on the label so… this is it!


DR: Was it your decision to leak it early or was it PK’s?

Ummm well – I don’t know how, but somewhere along the line the mastered album got out there in the wild, so I woke up one day and saw that. We killed the youtube links and did an advance release on the bandcamp we have for the label the next day. Kinda frustrating but that’s life.

DR: Do you have many shows or a tour lined up after it officially drops?

The release show is October 17, then we’re playing the weekend after in Toronto. I think that’s all that’s on the books right now but I’m sure we’ll be playing more in the next year. Touring is kind of tough for our work schedules so it’s limited appearances for the most part.


DR: What are your personal top five Hardcore Bands & Records?

This list is always kind of impossible to make but let’s just say top 5 ushc 7″s and the bands that made them: Minor Threat self titled 7″, Negative Approach self titled 7″, Infest self titled second 7″, CIA “God Guns Guts” 7″, YDI “A Place in the Sun” 7″


DR: What’s next for NT and will you be coming back to Europe in the near future?

Well the release show, and then Not Dead Yet fest in Canada. Not sure if Europe is in the cards anytime soon. We’ll see.

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