Adam Lentz – Responce.


By Ed


Live Pictures By Angela Owens.

DR: Yo Adam, how’s things man?

Good.  On my lunch break at Rev listening to the Tottenham match

DR: So give us a bit of a bio on Response, when it all started, who’s in the band etc..

It started about a year and a half ago with Madison playing all of the instruments.  He got Branden, who also works at Rev, to do vocals and he asked me to play bass since we see each other every day at work and that was about it.  Now it’s the three of us and Mike who is also in Forced Order playing drums.


DR: How would describe Response’s style?

Fast straight edge hardcore influenced by ’80s hardcore

DR: Do you write lyrics together or is that one person? What are some of the lyrical topics?


The lyrics were almost all Branden’s doing.  Lyrical topics are all over the place.  Straight edge, overcoming adversity, stabbed in the back types, etc.


DR: What are some of the bands you guys have been a part of?

Branden was in Stoic Violence, Madison is currently in Fury, Pocketknife, Enough Said and Lock, I was in In Control and Mike is currently in Forced Order and Enough Said.


DR: The EP is a banger, have you all been happy with how it turned out?

Yeah, we’re all really happy.  We recorded it at Madison’s studio so we had control of everything.


DR: Have you played in mostly just Cali or have you ventured out yet?

Who have been some of the bands you have played shows with?

We toured up to Vancouver, Canada and back with Enough Said and Nuclear Age, did a week of shows with Barge, Hard Stripes and Pure Disgust and have played local shows with Boston Strangler, Breakdown, The Flex, Protester, Give, Forward, Busted Outlook, Scalped, and are playing tomorrow with Career Suicide and then later this month with Mindset.  Last month we played America’s Hardcore in Boston with Gag, Disengage and a lot of other cool bands.


DR: What sort of label interest have you had so far?

Mostly what we ended up doing it with…Xpressions and BBB.

DR: What bands have influenced Response?

Youth of Today.


DR: What can we expect from Response in 2016?

Two 7″s coming out…one on Xpressions and one on BBB, shows locally, probably playing a few fests and trying to tour as much as we can considering the other guys’ tour schedules and Branden and I working at the same office.


DR: We know each other from your job with Rev, what’s it like being a Rev employee?

It’s a dream come true.  I’ve been here almost 14 years and it’s still special.  I work with bands I care about and with people I consider some of my closest friends. What more can you ask for?

DR: How did you end up working for Rev?

I was sharing an apartment with a guy who worked here.  Someone quit just as my previous job was having trouble so I came in and started and that was it.


DR: Thanks for your time Adam,anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks for the interview.

Thanks for supporting Response and Revelation.





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