I did this interview with singer Tyler a few months ago; SOCIETY ABUSE comes from Jacksonville, Florida, they released “No Pleasure” demo in 2014 and their ST 7″ on Mind Rot Records on 2015. Watch out: this band is part of the new breed of American hardcore punk bands, mixing elements of 80s Boston/NYHC with an incredible energy and dedication to traditional hardcore spirit!

by Jean

– Hi Tyler, thanks for according your time, how are you doing right now? Hope the festive season is doing good in Florida. I’m deeply sorry to learn about the tornados and the really bad weather in several US states since last wesnesday: hope none of your relatives and friends has been involved in this tragedy?

Tyler: It’s all good. Florida never really gets bad weather, except for a hurricane but we only get real bad one like every ten years or so.

– Let’s start the interview with a cooler mood: can you introduce yourself? How old are you? What are your different ways of spending time besides singing in SOCIETY ABUSE?

My name is Tyler Brown. I’m 23 years old. I spend a lot of my time at school and work. I go to University of North Florida and i study English and Philosophy so it eats up a lot of my time. I enjoy it though, the “love of wisdom” anyways. I’m also at work almost everyday, I work at a tattoo shop called Inksmith & Rogers, it’s pretty famous as far as tattooing goes. Google it.

– When and how did SOCIETY ABUSE start?
Who plays in the band? Were you hanging together before the band formed? Do you guys play in other bands?

Society started at the end of 2013, originally it was started as a side project for my friends and I. was really never meant to do anything except play a few shows, put a demo out maybe that sort of thing. Pretty crazy we’ve done tours with bands from other countries and put a 7″ out. I am really proud of it to be honest. I sing in SOCIETY ABUSE, Yoon plays drums, Justin plays guitar, and Augie plays bass. We were definitely all friends before the band started. they were already my best friends. As far as other bands SA is like linked to a lot of other bands. Justin and Yoon both recently started a band called FAZE with one of our closest friends singing, his name is Cori. FAZE sounds like a mix of ABSOLUTION / BURN / early early OUTSPOKEN. the demo should be out soon. Augie plays in DEFLECT, PRAYER CHAIN, and SLEIGHT OF HAND. All his bands are dope.I actually put out DEFLECT on my label Total Core, it’s the best demo of 2015 by miles.

– Honestly, the first time I’ve listened to “No Pleasure” demo and your S/T 7″ on Mind Rot Records, it really reminded me of “Victim In Pain” (which is one of my all-time favorite 80s USHC records) because of the lyrical approach and the speed of the different tracks (especially the eponymous track of your demo which is definitely a tribute to AGNOSTIC FRONT in my humble opinion!). Which bands had a deep impact on SOCIETY ABUSE and why?

When we first started we really just jammed a lot of TEAR IT UP, KNIFE FIGHT, and obviously greats like AF and ABUSED, I think it translates into the songs pretty well our musical interests.

– Do you write all the lyrics?
It seems everything has been written in anger in 5 minutes, to match with the concept of “society abuse” you know what I mean? Like a political slogan you know: “Enough is enough…!”

Yes i write all of the lyrics. For me i just really sing about things i’ve been thinking of. I wrote all of the 7″ lyrics almost entirely at the mall where my girlfriend used to work, so i would just hangout and wait for her to get off and i’d sort of just jot down ideas then poof i had the 7″ lyrics.

– For example “Serving Time” lyrics: “[…] I’m serving time in this corrupt life. Serving time while this world bleeds me dry. Every smile and face is a lie […] So what’s the point? Staring into myself while life passes me by. I just can’t cope, no reason why. No hope. I’m just serving time.” Simple and effective. Is a that a photograph of you and your pals daily life?

I think it’s more of a close up view of like one type of emotion i was feeling at the time, I tend to have a bleak outlook but i wouldn’t say it’s my whole outlook ya know?

– Are you politically committed or you just have faith in hardcore punk?

I definitely have my own views of politics and morality and so forth but i am not like storming down wall street with like a painted sign or anything. And i have faith in hardcore for sure, maybe not all it’s manifestations though.

– On each cover art from both your demo and EP it seems cops are definitly evil incarnate! Who did these drawings? Did the recent US police violence facts reported by the media has something to do with the name of the band? I guess so…

I honestly forget the name of the kid who did the demo art, but the 7″ art was drawn by Tin Tin from the UK, he’s sick and his art rules. I don’t think we intended to have a repeat of the art style but it sorta happened. I plan on there being zero cops on the next record haha.

– Can we hope you’ll write some new material for an LP someday in 2016? I guess we just have to hope the world keeps going mad so you can write even more explicit lyrics!

We are actually writing an LP right now. Can’t reveal who is putting it out but soon….

– How about your shows?
Did you play a lot since you start SOCIETY ABUSE?

We used to play a lot but lately since we are writing and LP we have slowed down.

Which bands were you pride or really happy to share the stage with?

UNIFIED RIGHT for being our homies, FURY for simply being themselves, FOUNDATION because they are the epitome of legend, BLIND AUTHORITY for being our closest friends.

Favorite venues?

I really like the Skatepark of Tampa, best venue in Florida in my opinion.

What was your favorite show so far?

It’s a toss up between our record release and the last florida FOUNDATION shows. both insane

What about this tour with BLIND AUTHORITY? What do you think of the current UKHC scene?

Our tour was amazing. I loved it. I think UKHC is the shit and i’ll always support it.

Will your tour next year?

We are playing United Blood this year and are touring up with HIGHER POWER from Leeds, should be a wild ride.

– It seems a lot of your American peers follow this dedication to 80s NYHC/Boston vibes too (bands like BARGE, PROTESTER, STANDOFF, FREEDOM, FURY or FIREWALKER just to name a few). Do you think it’s kind like a tradition?
It’s incredible to realize such young musicians make their best to recreate this old-school energy. What are your latest favorite releases?

I think 80’s hardcore in general in America is the best, just my opinion though. It’s understandable that people want to mimic something that has held it’s value for so long. My two favorite releases in the last two months were the STAND OFF Promo tape and the FIREWALKER demo.

– Any last word?

Thanks for doing the interview, hopefully one day we’ll come to europe and you can see us first hand!

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