SPLITKNUCKLE is the very first hardcore/beatdown band I’ve been listening to in AGES. I must admit I really dislike this kind of music but I was surprised by the among of people linked with UKHC bands mentionned in DROIDxRAGE, some of them have already answered to interviews here, who seemed to be fond of this band. That’s the main reason I wanted to ask them a few questions, and also because this EP “Nothing Left Unsaid” is a pretty cool record!

by Jean

1 – I must admit I practically know nothing about beatdown bands.
Maybe BULLDOZE are one of the precursory bands to play that specific kind of music; I’ve listened to a lot of bands really inspired by thrash and death metal, from H8000 to 90s edge metal or even more contemporary bands like BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL (RIP), BREAKING POINT (RIP) or XIBALBA I guess beatdown fans also listen to but, and this is exactly what I want to deal with, I’ve always felt really uncomfortable with the beatdown audience. Like that “meet me in the pit” attitude, mixed with a macho/dickhead mentality (like in the Boston Beatdown documentary) I don’t wanna sound too cliché but, first things first, I’d really like to know where SPLITKNUCKLE set in this basic way of seeing things?
– Yeah I can see how it’s uncomfortable haha some people seem like they need to open up and have a cuddle. For the most part I don’t think it’s thaaat bad you just got to be aware of what the band playing is like in terms of what happens at their shows

2 – For example, I know the typical French punx and crusties really make fun of that amateur video clip of CORDIER STREET (from Marseille, France) “Beatdown” (I’ve already met Swedes comrades who knew it), and I feel really uncomfortable with the different footages of nowadays bands who do not give a fuck about shooting their own video clips, in which they’ll appear like ridiculous tough guys with fresh clothes who just play, in my humble opinion, death metal breakdowns in front of a cameraman who must be laughing out! Am I just a fucking elistit cunt or do I really know shit about beatdown?
– If it doesn’t appeal to you then it’s cool everyone likes their own thing, I think it’s hard to tell which bands are legit with it or are just trying to have a laugh. Also death metal breakdowns r sick as fuck.

3 – Then, I’d like to know which bands are really important within this subculture in your opinion and then, which bands do you referred to when it comes about SPLITKNUCKLE?
– UK wise I’d say the LBU/Rucktion Records have the most notable history with beatdown and they’re still relevant and killing it today, you’ve got people doing it in all places now. London, Southampton, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leicester are some of the places that have people super into it and it’s cool.
4 – Now (finally), can you introduce SPLITKNUCKLE: where do you come from? when did you start the band? who plays in? have you already played in different bands before?
– We’re a 5-piece from Essex, England and started the band in 2012 but have only recently started to do stuff with it. We’re pretty much all 21 years old and like all kinds of music, we’ve all been in different bands from around our area for years. We are a bunch of grungers playing mosh metal and doing stupid things.

5 – Earlier this year, your profile picture on SPLITKNUCKLE FB page blurred by gay cause flag’s colours. Is that something you stand for? What are the other commitments of SPLITKNUCKLE?
– We aren’t a band with any specific message but yeah we all do feel pretty strongly about that. People can do what makes them happy it’s 2016 now haha

6 – Although what you post on SPLITKNUCKLE Facebook page shows that you don’t take yourselves too seriously your lyrics aren’t funny at all. For example, taken from “Closure”: “You will never mean a thing to anyone For all the shit things you have done Try take your home from us Hit my sister and beat my mum Too young to do something then But nearly strong enough now Got to the point that I don’t care Just wanna make you die somehow […]. Do you deal with something which have happened during someone’s from the band childhood?
– Yeah that’s about my dad, the music is serious but there’s no reason for anything else from us to be serious, too many bands take themselves too seriously and it’s painfully obvious. We make these horrible sounds because it makes us happy.
7 – Do you think violent music is kind like a cure to these feelings? When I read “Out Of Spite” lyrics I have the impression that struggling against hate with hate isn’t the solution. What can you tell me about that?
– I think if you have any kind of music you like it’s going to help you but yeah that’s what’s good about punk/hardcore/metal the energy of it is sick

8 – Moreover, what do you think this kind of songs, this kind of lyrics provides to the people who usually attend to your shows?
– Its just nice when people have taken the time to look at what the songs about and the meaning behind it, hopefully something positive
9 – You guys had been touring in the UK in October with Southampton REALM OF TORMENT who is also an excellent metalcore band, how was the tour? I guess a band like yours has been made to feel the audience’s madness instead of just rehearse in someone’s basement?
– Mate to me there is nothing better than being away with pals playing shows and having a good time. It’s nice to chill with good people who we’ve met doing something we enjoy

10 – You also played a few shows with WORLD WEARY. Speaking of REALM OF TORMENT and WORLD WEARY, what do you like concerning these two bands?
– They have fun ahaha. We like anyone who can have a laugh and doesn’t take themselves too seriously, they’re all pals. RIP WORLD WEARY

11 – In February 2016 you’ll be playing at Deadfest with KNUCKLEDUST, THE FLEX, XREPENTANCEX, RENOUNCED, HIGHER POWER or GAIA BLEEDS, what do expect from this day of intense shows? These are really different bands, what do you think of this current wild stream of excellent UK bands?
– Literally every band you just named are sick as fuck. They all sound really different which just sums up the current UKHC scene, it’s got so much shit going on and its only getting better. Deadfest is going to be a really nice day out, loads of good bands and good friends. We’ll hopefully have our new 7 track out then, hopefully haha

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