Ned Russin – Liberty

By Ed


Liberty Is a new NYHC  band comprised of members of Free At Last,Burst Of Rage,Title Fight and more.

I thought they were defiantly going to be a band to watch out for in the future.

So I sent a few questions over to Ned  last night to hear more about the band.

DR: So tell us a bit about your new band Liberty, dude? When did the idea come about for this band etc.

Liberty started coming together in August of 2015. Julian, Chris, and I started going to a rehearsal spot in Brooklyn and writing some stuff. We had one or two practices just jamming for two hours or something just trying to get some ideas fleshed out. Then I met Hardy in a park and we talked about Altercation so I asked him to come jam with us. We started jamming as a four piece with Julian just singing gibberish over our ideas for about or month or so when we started to really consider who would play drums with us. Chandler, from Free at Last and Burst of Rage, was moving to Brooklyn in January and said he’d like to be in the band if we didn’t have a drummer by the time he moved. He came down after AHC fest and we played together as a band and it worked. Chandler moved here in January and we practiced for a month fine tuning our songs until we recorded with Andy Guida in February. That takes us to about now.


Shot By by Nick Sethi

DR: You guys have already played at least one show I’ve seen pics of, how did that go down? Who else was on the bill?

We’ve played one show so far, last Friday March 18 with Angel Du$t, Red Death, Soft Grip, and Higher Power. It was a good show and had a really strong turnout. We got some compliments on our set and it felt good so that seems to be all you can ask for out of a first show.


DR: You also have a tape out/downloadable demo, has the demo turned out the way you guys were hoping for and has it been received well?

The tape has been out for like 4 days at this point so it’s hard to determine if it’s getting a good reaction. The band or I don’t have social media so it’s hard to see what people are saying, but I know the people I have sent it to seem to dig it which is the best kind of validation I can ask for. When your friends whose taste you admire and respect want to mosh for a part you wrote, you feel as if you did something “right.”

DR: What’s the main vibe of Liberty, like how would you describe yourselves?

We want to write music inspired by bands that doesn’t rip them off. We are trying to write music that has a good style to it. We want to write songs that everyone can dance to.


DR: What are your main HC influences in this band?

I think the influences are pretty obvious, but the bands that we all like and reference would be bands like Altercation, WarZone, Krakdown, Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, etc. It’s pretty NY-centric.

DR: What have you personally been listening to lately?

Honestly I’ve been listening to an almost exclusive DC playlist for a little while now. Embrace, Rites of Spring, One Last Wish, Ignition, and Fugazi have been constants. I think the reason for that is I’ve been most inspired by my friends in Fury and Stand Off (who are some of my favorite current bands who I’ve also been listening to a lot) who draw obvious influence from that scene. Other stuff I’ve been listening to is the new Krimewatch demo, Porches “Pool,” and Milk Music.


DR: What’s going on with your other bands right now? How do you find time for another one?! Haha.

Big Contest is working on new music and everything else is pretty dormant right now.


Collage by Sophia Juliette

DR: What’s the next step for Liberty?

Well we’ve existed in real terms for a little less than a week now so we are just doing normal new band stuff. We have a show next Friday in NYC with Depths of Reality, NYC Headhunters, Glory, and Countdown which should be great. We will be playing some more shows, hopefully getting out of town by the summer, and working on new material when it comes to us.

DR: Thanks a lot Ned, take it easy.

Thank you.



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