Braden Sinclair – Corrective Measure.

By Ed


Corrective Measure ….Ive said it before and I will say it again are my kind of gear!

I have been speaking to Braden since he sent me over the CM EP which I love.

But I did want to Interview CM right after hearing the Demo anyhow..

 There are Lots of bands coming out right now that draw influences from my favourite bands ..YOT,TP,COS,Straight Ahead .. etc and Corrective Measure are one of them,so for me its a great time for Straight Edge Hardcore.

Thanks To Angela Owens for providing most of the photography.

DR: So Braden, do you want to tell us a bit about CM, where did the idea and band start, first practice etc?

Hey Ed! Thanks for taking the time to interview me. The whole idea for starting a band like CM actually started when I was living in Washington DC. It’s impossible to live in DC and not feel the need to start a hardcore band. It’s crazy how every person in that scene is so involved, and almost all of them are involved musically. I knew I was moving back to Maine soon and all I wanted to do was try to bring a piece of DCHC home with me. Even the name itself was inspired by a video game that I spent a literal month of my life playing with my roommate Zack before moving back to Maine. So for me, Corrective Measure is sort of an homage to DCHC and all the people I met there.


The start of it was a little slow because the four of us in CM (Christian – Guitar, Seymour – Bass, Adam – Drums) were in the process of reviving an old band we had started before I moved to DC. Me, Christian and Seymour had been playing music together since I was probably 16, but I’d never tried to have a hand in the writing process. I was getting pretty anxious so I sat down with Christian’s guitar one night and wrote the first batch of CM songs in about ten minutes. Our first practice was probably late August or early October, but it took us a while to decide that CM was the band we wanted to really focus on.


DR: Are you guys from the same area, do you get to practice as much as you’d like?

We are, and it’s awesome. I’ve known Seymour since the second grade, Christian since middle school, and all four of us went to the same high school. With such a small scene, it’s definitely a challenge to get four or five people together in one room who can agree on a style of music. So the fact that we managed that and that we are all close friends makes the whole thing better. Adam’s dad owns a sick window tinting company, so we get to practice in the apartment above that. We are all pretty busy with work and school but we usually manage to practice about once a week.


DR: Were you and the rest of the guys happy with the demo?

As a whole, I’d say we were pretty happy with it. We had a friend record it who doesn’t listen to a lot of hardcore music and I think it gave it a much different feel than most hardcore demos I hear. For me, it changes all the time. I can hear it one day and feel fine with it, and then other days I’m ready to cut every demo song from our set list. I think it served a really good purpose though. I wrote the demo songs and I definitely don’t write the best riffs in our band. But it sort of laid a foundation for how we wanted to sound and now Seymour and Christian are running with that and writing way cooler songs, in my opinion.


DR: I love the Demo artwork, who did that?

Chris X!! I’d give him a little plug but everyone already knows he’s at the top of the artwork game. He’s awesome. Another awesome artist is Brendon Simmons, who drew the artwork for our promo tape and our 7″.


DR: Who would you say CM’s biggest influences are?

I’ll try to answer this for all of us without insulting anyone. As for what influences us most: My biggest influence is pasta. Christian’s is bike riding and gambling. Seymour’s is flying airplanes and making weird trades on Craigslist. Adam’s is talking about craving mac and cheese with jalapenos for an entire week, finally getting it, and then picking out every single jalapeno. As for who influences us: I feel this sort of tug-of-war between wanting to sound like Agnostic Front and wanting to sound like Unity. I personally look towards Turning Point, Altercation, and Straight Ahead for influence, just to name a few.


DR: You sent me over the EP, man it blows your fucking socks off! Haha. Resort to Violence is my favourite song off it… who would you liken your style to? What made you decide on that particular Madball song to cover?

Thank you! I’m glad you like it! I feel like every one of our new songs rips off a different classic hardcore band. We referred to Resort to Violence as “The Judge Song” for weeks just because of those descending toms and the “I’ve Lost” influences in the chorus. I’ve used variations of the first riff in Unite Us by Altercation in multiple songs. Trying to teach myself that song on guitar is actually how our first two CM songs got written. There are a couple EP songs that are strongly influenced by Straight Ahead. The Madball cover came about when Seymour was sound checking with the bass intro to Smell The Bacon at a show. Someone thought we were covering it and got pretty excited so we decided to roll with it. I don’t think I’d ever heard it covered before and I’d be lying if I said I know all the words to What’s With You. It’s fun though!


DR: How have some of the first shows been? I know you told me you had played a few basement shows?

The first few shows have been a lot of fun. The two that stand out are definitely playing in a DC basement with Red Death, Line of Sight and Pure Disgust and playing in Newport, RI with Slapshot, Dropdead, FI, Sweet Jesus and Firewalker. That was a blast and the turnout was awesome. Brian Simmons of Atomic Action! Records put on the RI show and he’s been a huge help to us as a band. He’ll be putting out our 7″ in the US in June and we can’t wait for that!


DR: Who have you been playing out with?

Since we just started playing shows in late October and Maine winters are pretty terrible, we’ve had a pretty slow start. We do have a tour coming up at the end of June with Life of Reilly. We’ll be playing nine east coast/Midwest shows with them around the release of our 7″. More details on that soon!


DR: Are you guys in another bands?

Our bassist plays in the band Combatant, which is the coolest band in Maine hands down. Sounds like early Agnostic Front. Also the band Standard Issue which is the members of CM with a much cooler vocalist. Sounds a lot like Floorpunch.

DR: How far would you like to go with CM?

Hopefully not too far. I never expected our music to get out of Maine, so the last few months have been so fun for all of us. I always make the joke that this band has a two year expiration date on it. If nothing more, it gives us a sense of urgency with writing. I like the idea of moving things along as fast as possible and then ending it before it feels forced and boring for us. Whether it’s realistic or not, I think the end goal for all of us is at least one show in Europe. That’s something cool to strive towards.


DR: Couple of none CM questions… Who are some of your favourite Straight Edge HC bands?

You won’t find anything new or surprising here: YOT, Turning Point, Bold, SSD, Uniform Choice, Unity, Side by Side, Wide Awake

DR: Favourite HC Record?

Is it cheating to say the TP discography? It just covers every base for me.


DR: Favourite print zine?

I don’t think I can pick just one! Youth Core, Will To Speak, Droid Rage.


DR: Who do you have on your iPod right now?

When I’m in my car it’s mostly CDs so a lot of Jenny Lewis, Get Up Kids, and Minor Threat. I can’t stop listening to Free At Last. It’s one of the only contemporary hardcore band that makes me feel like I’m listening to Turning Point. I’ve got this weird playlist going on right now that’s Cro-Mags, New Order, and Unified Right. It’s very stimulating, I’d highly recommend it. All the new demos coming out of course: Glory, Faze, Warfare, Countdown.


DR: Anything else you would like to say dude?

I mentioned our 7″ coming out on Atomic Action! Records in June, but it is also coming out in Europe on Refuse Records at the same time. So thank you to Brian and Robert for helping with those releases! Also, a big thanks to Zack and John at Moshers Delight for putting out our promo tape and supporting us as a band.

And of course thanks for interviewing me and all your support! It’s a pleasure. Take care, man!a1167233778_16

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