Alec Faber- True Love,Freedom & One By One

By Ed


An Interview I did A few Weeks back with Alec From True Love,Freedom  and One By One enough said.

DR: What’s been going on with TL  lately then?

We’ve been laying pretty low. We played some shows with AN and Burn and then the final Midwest run of Mindset shows. We have a couple things lined up here and there, but we’re slowing down until the LP is released.

DR: So do you want to start off giving us a run down of the TL line up and some history of the band dude?

True Love is myself and Brad Walker on guitar, Joe Palleschi on bass, Derrick Daniel on drums and Dom Vargaz on vocals.


As far as history of the band, me and Dom have been friends for a decade and we had always talked about starting a band that sounded like late 90s/early 2000s Boston hardcore. He was in a band called Damages like 7 years back that kind of dipped it’s toes in that style but we weren’t able to start this band until I moved back to Michigan in the winter of 2013. Derrick and I got together on a Sunday and pretty much wrote the entire demo in an afternoon and recorded it about 2 weeks later. We were lucky enough to be able to release our demo physically on Mayfly Records that summer. In 2014 we put out a 12″ EP on React! Records called “New Young Gods” and tour with Citizen, Turnstile, and Freedom after that came out. Our first LP will be coming out on Bridge 9 Records this summer.

DR: What were some of the early TL shows, who did you play out with and was it a good reaction from the start?

Our first show was with Pity Sex at their record release for “Feast of Love.” They’re good friends of ours and supported us from day one. That show in particular was really cool because it was packed, our demo had been out for a little while so there was some anticipation for our set. We played Detroit A LOT that first 6 months of being a band, did a weekend or two here and there. But, we did our best to establish a following in our own town, which is a step I think a lot of young bands are skipping altogether.


DR: New Young Gods is a fantastic record- I was blown away, were you all pleased with how it turned out/ the recording process etc?

Thank you for the kind words.  I can’t speak for the entire band but I have really mixed feelings about that record. I think its fine, should maybe have been 5 songs instead of 8 and on a 7″. The songs that I think are good I still think are really good, the songs I don’t like I can’t really stand listening to. But I think that’s sort of normal for people who try to critique their own work. Especially after playing and listening to something a hundred times through the recording and mixing process. It just sort of feels like a half step, not an LP but too much for a true EP. People seem to really like it and I’m super grateful for that, hopefully we can match or exceed their expectations for our next release.


DR: Do you feel you fit into React Records well?

I do. It’s interesting, we get pegged as something we’re not a lot of the time because of our name, lyrical content, and imagery. Like we’re an “emotional hardcore” band or something. I didn’t listen to goddamn Saetia or some shit like that when I wrote these songs; it was Judge and Right Brigade and Carry On and Youth of Today. As far as React! Records, they’re really keeping the flame burning on the whole straight edge hardcore genre and that’s exactly what we are. Straight up 100% straight edge hardcore.

DR: Where is the picture that was  used for New Young Gods from?

It’s a photograph by Hana Haley. Our singer, Dom was really into her vibe and that photo sort of encapsulated the vibe of that record. It turned out really cool.

DR: How were the AF shows you just played with Freedom?

Vinnie Stigma is in his 60s and he rocks harder than anyone. We basically just played, tore down our gear and then moshed and sang along every night. It was such a cool experience.


DR: What other bands do some of you guys do other than you?

Derrick and I both play in a band called One By One. He’s in another band called Strange Powers as well.

DR: Who would you say you draw influences from as a band?

Judge, Madball, AF, Warzone, Youth of Today, Floorpunch, Count Me Out, Right Brigade, Carry On, AN, Ten Yard Fight, Panic.

DR: Who writes the lyrics for TL?

Our singer Dom writes all the lyrics.

DR: On the video set I’ve put in with the interview you guys do a YOT cover, does not get more rad than YOT for me, do you guys do any other covers?

We do a lot of covers. We often get to play in front of a lot of people that maybe don’t like us or have never heard of us so I think covers are always the best way to break the ice a little bit. We’ve played a few YOT songs, Chain of Strength, Minor Threat, a couple Right Brigade songs, Ten Yard Fight and most recently Horror Show.


DR: You are/were a Military guy right? Did you meet many other dudes who knew or were interested in HC in your service? Also what kind of things keep you interested outside of HC?

Yeah, I’ll be out in a couple months. I’ve met a handful of people and some really good friends with similar interests to mine throughout my career. In general though I like to keep this part of my life separate from work, just because one is so contrary to the other. Outside of being involved in music I read comic books, work out, and play video games very badly.


DR: What does the Straight Edge mean to you?

That answer sort of evolves as I get older which is to say that I think about it a lot less. I don’t look at a beer and say “whoa whoa whoa you’re straight edge, that’s not for you”. I’ve been straight edge long enough that my internal operating system just doesn’t recognise that as an option any more. But if hard pressed to answer it still means that I generally think drugs and alcohol are really destructive and I choose to live my life without them.

DR: Who are you listening to right now, HC/ non HC wise?

The Count Down demo rocks, the Fury promo rocks. Nails is still my favorite current band and I’m really excited for their new record. Angel Du$t, Red Death, Forced Order, Turnstile, Firewalker, Protester, and Praise all rock super hard.


Non-hardcore wise I listen to a lot of New Order and Weezer. The new Petal record is really good too.

DR: What kind of tour/ record plans do you guys have now and in the future?

We have a new record coming out this summer on Bridge 9. There will be announcements and singles or whatever popping up soon. We have a few shows here and there but no concrete tour plans. Most of us have careers or school so we’re definitely never going to be a full time touring band, but we’re going to get to as many spots as we can once the record is out.

DR: Thanks for your time Alec, any last words?

Thanks for asking me to do this man!



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