I’d like to thank Klas from GIVE TODAY for sending over TIME TO HEAL bandcamp!
This is some really ORIGINAL YOUTH CREW from Stockholm, Sweden. I was really happy to discover them and I wish to listen to a lot of bands like this one in a near future!


First things first, I would honestly like to thank you for answering these questions. Klas whom we both know sent me the link to your bandcamp and I didn’t think I’d listen to such great songs, that’s why I’d like to ask you what do you feel about “Taking Control”? Do you think your first release is worthy of what you expected when you decided to form TIME TO HEAL?

Thank you for having us, we’re all so happy that you wanted to get in touch (shoutout to Hinken for spreading the word)! We are all really happy with how Taking Control turned out, way beyond our expectations. We all come from very different musical backgrounds and had never played in a band together before. So we just wrote these songs we thought were fun to play, and were truly amazed by the fact that people really seemed to like it!

Now lets introduce the band but first of all, when I surfed on TIME TO HEAL’s Facebook page I must admit there was a huge smile of contentment on my face because I was discovering a band of young nerds/hipsters like those I met when I’m hanging around my hometown’s Fine Arts School (probably the mustache, sorry!) and not a 2010s cliché of 20YO youth crew worshipers. It seems you’re more into this feeling of “youth” than the feeling of “crew”, what do think of my (strange!) statement?

Haha, that’s funny, we have never though of that before. We don’t think about our appearance as far as ”hardcore fashion” goes to be honest. We just look the way we look and roll with it!

But you’re definitely a youth crew band because of the energy and the philosophy of the band; what have seduced each of you in this specific genre of hardcore punk? What are your favorite hardcore and youth crew bands?

We all have different relationships to the youth crew genre. Sofia and Gabriel barely listen to hardcore at all outside of when we’re doing our thing, while Jens and Anton listen to it a lot on a regular basis, but we are all obviously fans of bands like Floorpunch, haha. Some personal favorites of ours in general are bands like Hårda Tider, Mindset, American Nightmare, and Ceremony.


This is something that just crossed my mind while I’m on my way in the cab but are they a lot of young crusties in Sweden nowadays, because Swedish hardcore punk/kängpunk bands are almost legendary but it seems the kids are more into comfy clothes than boots and leather and maybe under the influence of DISCHARGE? What is your global prism of punk and musical influences as a band?

We’d say that the Swedish punk and hardcore scenes are very divided nowadays, at least in the Stockholm area. There will always be different audiences depending on what kind of show is happening. We don’t really attend crust or kängpunk shows, and the crust punks rarely attend hardcore shows.

Now, who plays in TIME TO HEAL? How old are you, what are your occupations and why did you join the band?

We were all born in 1995, so we are 20-21 years old at the moment. We’ve got Sofia doing vocals, Jens playing bass, Gabriel on drums, and Anton on guitar. We are all either studying or have part time jobs at the moment. Sofia and Jens are also part of Stockholm Straight Edge and Thousand Strong, two of the more popular hardcore related promoters in Stockholm. Jens, Anton, and Gabriel had been wanting to start a band for a while, but couldn’t decide on what kind of music to play. We decided to go with youth crew after hanging out at the Alive & Well Fest pre-party show in Stockholm about a year ago. The bands playing that night were Survival, Insist, Neighborhood, Give Today, and Miles Ahead. Sofia just happened to be at that show too, and later on we all became the closest of friends, so of course Sofia had to be the final member of the band.
Where do you come from? How’s the scene here and what is your global opinion about current Swedish scene? I recently interviewed WASTE (who will do their first show opening with you for THE HAMMER) and I must admit I really enjoy discovering new Swedish bands, what would be your current Swedish hardcore playlist?

Yeah, that show with The Hammer and Waste was so much fun, they are both amazing bands and nice people! We’re based in Stockholm, and we’re totally loving the scene we’ve got going here. Everyone seems to be supportive of each other’s bands and most people fuck around a lot and have fun at shows. Anton and Jens are not originally from Stockholm though, so they’ve seen a bit more of what the scene looks like outside of Stockholm, and the difference is pretty big when it comes to how many people actually attend shows. Luckily, if the line up of a show is good enough, there are almost always people who are willing to fill a car and travel there over the day. As of now, we are really looking forward to the upcoming releases from Give Today, The Hammer, Lifeblind, and Lowest Creature. And although there have been a few really good Swedish bands who have decided to call it quits lately, there are still so many great ones kickin’ it right now, like District Conflict, Power Face, Waste, This Time (members of No Recede, RIP), and Neighborhood (sort of, haha), just to name a few.


I really, and when I say “really” I mean REALLY like T2H vocals: it honestly reminds me of a complete different band, THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS. Does this way of singing came naturally or you needed to think about it, train, test things…? What made you realize it was pretty efficient?

[Sofia answers]
Thank you so much for the kind words! Before this band I had only been singing pop music, so I guess that natural pop influence is what you are hearing in the vocals I’m doing now with Time to Heal. A fun fact is that I was going to play the bass and Jens was supposed to do vocals at first. But we ended up like this and are all super happy about it!

Is that your first experience as a band for all of you?

No not at all. We have all played in bands before Time to Heal and still play in other bands. Some of the bands we are/have been involved with are No Omega, Careless, Dödsknark, Dagdrömmarna, Det är därför vi bygger städer, HATAD, Space/Sthlm, and Last Light.
We’ve even got a few that are currently in the starting up-process!

I know you just released your first tape but have you already think about new songs and releases? Do you think it will sound like this tape?

We try to write songs all the time, and we already have a couple of songs written for an upcoming release which we have already started playing live to fill out our very short setlists, haha. As of now, the sound is pretty similar to the EP, but we try hard to stay as creative as we can and find new things to add to find our own style of the genre.

FullSizeRender (3)

My own copy

Lyrics are really cool: as a female fronted band, do you think you have a different approach of punk than male fronted youth crew bands?

Well, the main difference with our “approach” is that Sofia can write about certain topics and issues that only she and the other few non males of the scene can relate to. We try not to think so much about gender in the band though. We never laid any emphasis on the fact that we’re a female fronted band. We’re just a group of friends having a great time making hardcore music together.

What are society’s and individual issues you wanna deal with as a band? as youngsters? Do you think joining a band, make shows, put out records and merch is a cure to some uncomfortable feelings of living in a modern world and a training to adulthood?

We are all political as individuals, solidarity within the scene and everywhere else is extremely important for all of us. For instance, we played our first official show at a fundraiser event put on by Stockholm Straight Edge to support the anarchists of Madrid SXE, who had been having a lot of trouble with the police. Our political side might not show too much in our current lyrics though, but as the title track of our EP suggests, we are also very passionate about the DIY culture, and it’s a great way for people to do what they love and express themselves entirely on their own terms, without being restricted.

What is your opinion about the European hardcore scene? UKHC is doing good, do you have other examples of great scenes European scenes?

As we said earlier, we love the flourishing scene we’ve got going on here in Sweden. But the only one of us who has experienced the European scene with his own eyes is Gabriel, since he is the one with a lot of touring experience from other bands. We all had the chance to witness some amazing European bands at last years’ Fluff Fest, and we’re all going back this year to do it again. Great fest with a huge mix of different people and bands.


Of course, USHC is still here, there are tons of great new bands, which ones are your favorite?

It’s kind of hard to keep up with the smaller US bands here in Europe, but some of our favorite US bands right now are Protester, True Love, G.L.O.S.S., and Praise.

I know you’re a half straight edge band and full vegan band, what’s your point about these ethics and their connexion to hardcore? Is that something you wanna approach in your lyrics?

We don’t bring these ethical topics up in any of our currently released songs, but it’ll most likely happen in the future. Personally for me (Jens), straight edge is something that is very important. The solidarity behind being sober and the connections it gives to people is something that stands close to my heart.

I got no further questions, if you wanna add something…?

Make sure to check out all the Swedish bands we mentioned earlier!

Make a list of your favorite records of all time, and mention a favorite release of 2016.

Haha alright, so here are the lists to confirm our weird musical preferences compared to your average hardcore kid. These lists always change over time, but here’s what we came up with right now:

Floorpunch – Fast Times At…
Turnover – Peripheral Vision
Hårda Tider – Gatan kallar

Yung Lean – Warlord

Markus Krunegård – Markusevangeliet
Hurula – Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för
American Nightmare – Background Music

Not sure at the moment, but I’m really looking forward to the upcoming True Love LP.

The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead
My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade
Lorentz – Kärlekslåtar

Yung Lean – Warlord

Mew – Frengers
The Pine – The Pine
Suis la Lune – Riala

human hands – morning sun lp

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