Warzone – The Final Interview.

image-24By Mike

something I never thought would happen in this zine. When checking out Ebay one night I came across someone selling an unused Warzone interview with Raybeez that was done for an old zine that never got published. I knew I had to get my hands on it. Sometimes things unfold in my favor and I won the auction. Done in a more standard  style than most interviews I do, I am still honored to present you with what I would assume is the FINAL Warzone interview. Done on March 15, 1996 and sitting waiting for this moment. I present you with this piece of Hardcore history. A huge thanks to Vinnie Value and Tim Daley for providing some great pictures to go along with it.

NLY: Warzone has had many members in the band throughout its history, what is the lineup now and how old are all of you?

Raybeez- Vocals 27 Years Old (I had to laugh at this answer he was actually 34 at the time of this interview)

Todd “The Kid”- Bass 19 Years Old

J-Sin- Guitar 21 Years Old

Vinny Value- Drums 21 Years Old

S.E.- Guitar 20 Years Old


NLY: What is the most important message that Warzone is trying to send?

Ray: Since Warzone since its inception has always been more like a family with a lot of people involved in out band, we put across a few different messages to show our different attitudes

  1. Being Drug Free
  2. Helping Runaway Kids
  3. Helping Child Abused Kids
  4. Supporting the Punk, Oi, & Hardcore Movement Worldwide

NLY: How do you feel about the general direction that the hardcore movement is heading?

Ray: It’s really where the Punk, Oi, and Hardcore movement is heading. A lot of record companies, promoters, clubs, and even some of the more popular, well known bands have commercialized the scene out of greed. But there is a lot of kids out there all over the world who are speaking out against that shit! There are a lot of good, sincere bands starting up.


NLY: Do you have any plans to release new material soon? Tell me about it.

 Ray: At the end of April we are going back into the recording studio to record a brand new 12 song full length album, which will be released in early June on Victory Records. We just released this week, a 10” record called “Lower East Side”!


NLY: Is Warzone going to be touring any time soon?

Ray: Well, for the next two months we’ll be working on our new album. But between May and July we’ll be playing shows sporadically throughout the US. Then for two months starting in early August, we start our European tour.


NLY: Warzone was touring over in Japan. How was it? How did the kids act over there?

Ray: Japan is totally like being in another world. Not many kids really spoke English well, so it was kind of frustrating trying to communicate. But the Hardcore scene in Osaka and Tokyo was really cool. There are a lot of good bands there and the kids are really passionate about the music!

NLY: What have you all released?

Ray: Since 1984 we’ve been on four 7 inch singles, three 12 inch compilation records and have released four full length albums and been on two 10 inch records and two CD compilations.


NLY: What’s with the “Lower East Side” release on Victory Records? Is it the original “Lower East Side Crew” EP from Revelation records or something else?

  Ray: We first recorded the “Lower East Side” record in 1986. It was done very raw and at the time the band was still young and wasn’t that good musically with the people who were in the band at that time. It was only  released for about 8 months then was taken out of print! What we did was in January of this year (1996), we went and re-recorded the songs how we always wanted them to sound. A lot more tighter and better musically!!

NLY:  Who are your favourite bands to play with and listen to?

Ray: Everyone in the band has different opinions, but everyone in the band is strongly influenced by The Bad Brains. Personally I’m really into Punk and Oi bands! I think The Casualties are a true punk band!


NLY: Props to who?

Ray: Everyone all over the world who believes The Punk, Oi, and Hardcore Movement is a way of life. Fuck the people who use the music to only make money. We all know who they are.



NLY: Do you have any closing comments or thoughts?





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2 responses to “Warzone – The Final Interview.

  1. skervrokaskervpma

    WOW! This is Awesome! Soo stoked for you guys to have gotten this! And 7 months Before the Defenition of HxC passed away! Dope to read where and what was WARZONE at during that time! Just way stoked to have read it! Viva La RAYBEEZ! Always in our hearts & In our Minds, Rest In Power RAY! Keep The Faith!!

  2. Marko_D

    I’ve got an Open Your Eyes LP that’s signed by RayBeez. I really don’t know if he signed a lot of stuff. But it’s pretty neat. If you want an image of it. Let me know. Thank you for sharing this!

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