The Law Of The Pack : Al Pastor – Strutter

By Tieuma


Everything about THE IMPALERS and their surronding is quite a mistery to me. Every now and then there’s a new side project popping up from nowhere, like MAMMOTH GRINDER and HATRED SURGE (the original bands of the founding members) are not enough. It’s a bit hard to follow, and frankly, they are not the hype type of people, searching infos about them being a real marathon sometimes.

But a will ago, as I was browsing the interweb, I came across of them projects, STRUTTER. As always, I tried to snag infos where I could, but I wasn’t surprised to find litterally nothing, so this time I decided to get my infos at the source, I asked for an interview.

First, I wanted to do a complete interview, to grab everything I could, but I bailed out at the last moment. In fact, this interview is almost too long for this band. Not that I like when bands are hidding themselves, but really, it litterally reflects their mindset, so I left it the way it was. As short as it is, I hope you’ll enjoy what you’ll read below.

DxR : Hey there Al Pastor ! (Are you really a pastor thought ? Aha) who am I talking to and what are you doing in the band ?

Al Pastor : Al pastor is a fake name I gave myself when I played in blotter. I sing in Strutter. My name is juan-carlos. I’m not a pastor.

DxR : What is Strutter ? Of which band is it the side project ? I know there’s people from the Impalers and Glue in the band, but are the others projects around STRUTTER ?

Al : Strutter is the band. Anything else we do is a side project.


DxR : Is this band meant to last or it’s just another way to fool around without goals ?

Al : We all started the band just messing around but after we got the ball rolling we really liked what we were doing. After playing shows and recording and releasing a demo and an ep and doing a tour with glue we decided to keep going. Were going to write and record more stuff when Sam (drummer) gets back from his trip.

DxR : Why so many colors on this new ep ? Psychedelic shit right here, does it is an invitation to listen to it on drugs ?

Al : Everyone in Strutter does drugs and psychedelics so we certainly aren’t telling people not to do them but we chose the artist’s work because we felt it reflected our music in a way. we felt it was the best visual representation of what we are doing on record.


DxR : Why “not that great” on the bandcamp tags ?

Al : The bandcamp tag is a reference to the Austin collective this is Austin not that great. It’s shows me and my friends book and I also do a fest here with the same name.


DxR : You said on MxR you recorded 11songs almost 7weeks after forming, is it because you don’t care or because you’re all ubergood musicians ?

Al : We wrote and recorded all our songs so fast because we just work very well with each other. It just comes naturally. We write a song almost every time we’re practicing together as a full band.

DxR : As you ep will be out on Statick Shock, will you tour Europe once ?

Al : We have a few surprises in regards to Europe.


Well, that’s pretty much it, folks.

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