Andy Patillo (Todays Man) Way It Is.

By Ed



Andy Patillo is one of the nice guys of hardcore. Family man, Edge Man ..Rad dude. He is all of the above. I had the pleasure of meeting Andy a year or so ago in Malmo, Sweden, when Keep It Clear were playing in the back of a kebab house venue that I’m sure is called GBG or something?

Anyway, I thought it was about time we had this guy here so read on if you like Straight Edge Hardcore!

DR: Yo Andy, how’s things bro?

AP. Really good, thanks.


DR: Let’s start at the beginning- how did you end up in the HC scene? And did Straight Edge sort of just slip into place?

AP. I got into punk rock first through skateboarding in 94 when I was 13 years old. My best friend’s older brother introduced us to bands like Screeching Weasel, Green Day, NOFX, and Bad Religion. This music and culture really struck a nerve in me and it’s something that I have never really strayed from since the first time I was exposed to it. I started going to local punk shows around that time and continued to go to shows on many weekends throughout high school. I didn’t really get involved in the hardcore scene exclusively until around 2001ish when I became aware of some of the great local hardcore bands that played either mixed bills with punk bands or at bigger shows I attended. At that point I tried to make it out to every local hardcore show I could. I loved what I found in hardcore. The fast aggressive music, the positive message, the crowd participation, the way people were up front singing along with the front man who would pass the mic. The hard moshing, the pile ons and the stage dives. These kids weren’t drunk or fucked up. They were straight edge and didn’t need that shit. It was fucking real. It was like punk rock but with more discipline. The whole thing totally took me over. I eventually decided to be straight edge in 2003 when I was 22 years old and I have been straight edge ever since


DR: What was the first record you personally bought and what was the first show you went to? Also what age were you for the above?

AP.  I honestly don’t remember the first record I bought. I didn’t start buying vinyl till I was in my early 20s. First cd I bought may have been screeching weasel wiggle. I was 15 at the time. First show I went to was SNFU, BNU and Gob in Feb 1995. I was 14 years old.


DR: How was the scene in Vancouver while you were growing up/getting into HC?

AP.   It was awesome! Strain, Burden, Dissent, Blue Monday, Reserve 34, Go It Alone…Also, there was always that strong Northwest connection with Seattle. I was really into Champion and The Answer. I actually joined the Answer in 2004 and played guitar with them till the end in 2007.


DR: When did things take off with In Stride… was that one of your first bands?

AP.  Yea actually. In Stride was one of my first hardcore bands. I played in several other skate punk projects in high school and had a band before In Stride called Bombs Away. We played locally for about a year and recorded a shitty demo that was never released. In Stride started in 2003 and put out a couple demos and that 7″. We got a lot of love from the northwest hardcore scene and it seemed people were always helping us out whether it was giving us shows to play or bands we looked up to taking us on tour with them. We made a lot of friends and it was a really memorable time that I feel fortunate for. Hardcore is so great for that. All the great experiences and friends that I’ve made all over the place. It’s a real sense of community unlike anything else I’ve ever known.


DR: Did you guys only release that one 7″?

Was on Jeff’s label, Bottled Up, right?

AP. Yes that’s right. Jeff was really cool to put out that record being that he’s from the East Coast and we’re from Vancouver, Canada. He had never even met us before. I think Risky Business got us in touch with him initially. I love the In Stride record and I’m very proud of it. It’s also the first vinyl release I’ve ever been a part of.


DR: Get The Most were a band I was listening to a lot for a while and still jam them now. Can you give us a run down of the history of that band how/ when you started, etc.

AP.   I remember Kyle and I were talking outside at a Rivalry records showcase in Northern California. Blue Monday was playing one of their last gigs so he was down there for that. He told me he wanted to do a classic youth crew band and asked if I’d be down to play guitar. I didn’t hesitate to say yes as I was a big Blue Monday fan and I always thought Kyle was a great musician. From what I know, Mark Palm was already part of the plan to play drums before Kyle asked me. He’s such a talented musician. I knew this band was going to be great. Our good pal Ole Johnson in Seattle filled in on bass and we recorded the Core Values demo in 2005. We played our first show in my apartment, which was actually a 3 bedroom suite above the sheet metal shop where I worked. We played out locally, recorded Common Goals and then added Ace on guitar. So now we had two Seattle members. We gigged some more,  put out A Moment In Time and did a west coast weekend with The First Step. I think Mark may have quit after this and I think Keep It Clear was just starting up around this time. Anyways,  Aaron O’Neil replaced Mark, and Kyle moved to the USA to be with his wife in Seattle. Now Get the Most went from being 3/4 Canadian to me being the only remaining Canadian resident. We did an east coast weekend with TFS, and played Edge Day in Haverhill, Mass. That was such a great time. We did a short West Coast trip with ON, Keep It Clear, and Gone But Not Forgotten. California is always great. I decided to quit the band 6 moths later as I was over the cross border, 3 hour drive from Seattle to Vancouver for practice or gigs.


DR: What were some of the best times/shows with Get The Most?

AP. Whenever we got together was a good time. All great guys in that band. Some real jokers too. Anytime spent driving distances in the Van was always fun. One of the standout shows for me was a Rivalry Records Showcase we played at Gilman St. I think it was 2007 or 2008. It was crazy. The crowd was going off.


DR: When did you play your last show with Get The Most?

AP. Last show was in Olympia, WA with Keep It Clear and Sex Vid.

DR: How did KIC start up then?

AP. Keep It Clear initially started in 2007 when Lucas and I started working on a new project. We jammed out some songs, got Mark Palm on guitar and recorded a demo. Soon after the demo we added Dave Mitchell on


guitar. We didn’t find the right bass player until almost a year later, right before we played our first show.

DR: What would you say KIC’s biggest influences are as a band?

AP. Right Brigade, Carry On, American Nightmare, Ten Yard Fight, Floorpunch, Agnostic Front. Musically, I think you can hear these influences.


DR: I hear you have something new dropping with KIC soon, tell us a bit about that?

AP .Yea. Last month we recorded 4 songs for a cassette release on React! Records. That should be out soon. 3 new songs and a Raw Deal/ Killing Time cover. It’s been a  long time since we’ve recorded any new material so I’m pretty happy to have something new out.

DR: Are you currently only singing in KIC or do you have other bands going on?

AP. I have another project called Eliminator. I play guitar in the band and Carl from Keep It Clear/ True ID plays bass.  We have a demo we recorded last year. We are working on some new stuff. Hear the demo at


DR: What’s your personal favourite Straight Edge Hardcore Record?

AP .I could go a few different  directions here but I’m going to go with Count Me Out- 110. It’s the perfect straight edge hardcore record.


DR: Who do you prefer?

1: Warzone or AF? AF

2: YOT or COS? Chain

3: Turning Point or Insted?  Turning Point.

AP 1 – AF

AP 2 – Chain

AP 3- Turning Point

DR: You find as you are getting older you have less time for HC with having a family and stuff?

AP . Absolutely. Between my career and raising 2 kids with my wife, I am very busy and don’t have as much time for hardcore as I did before kids. That’s okay though! Life goes on and I’m very happy with where I’m at.


DR: You put some fantastic pictures with mad views of Vancouver on Instagram, what is it you do for work?

AP. Thanks! I am a Union Sheet metal worker. I install heating and ventilation duct work and equipment. It’s a great career and I’ve been in the trade now for over 10 years. I’ve been on a big multi high rise construction project for over a year now and the photos you are seeing are likely taken from the 36th floor rooftop.

DR: What other stuff do you get up to outside of Hardcore?

AP Family and work. That’s it. It’s hard to have more things going on. I’ve been getting on the skateboard a little bit lately while my 4 year old daughter rides her bike around. I gotta be careful though. I can’t afford to get hurt and miss work. I love skateboarding though. It helped shape who I am.


DR: Thanks a lot Andy, anything else you might want to say? Any bands we should be listening to etc?

AP Stay true to yourself. Keep your eyes on the prize and everything will fall into place. Check out Division from Seattle. I love this band. They just self released a 7″. They sound like Kill Your Idols. Also keep your ears open for a new band from Vancouver called Want. They rip. Check out Odd Man Out, they have a new record coming out very soon. Sick straight edge hardcore band from Olympia that sounds like Confront. Dead Weight from Seattle is one of my favourite hardcore bands right now. True Identity has an LP coming out soon and from what I’ve heard it’s really great stuff. Also Clarity- who’s playing their last show at Rain Fest. They are awesome. Check them out. Thanks for the interview!

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