Dan O’Mahony – No For An Answer.

By Ed


Me and freddy had been talking about various hardcore bands and things for a while.

And after me admiring some of his fantastic old pics  I knew I wanted post some of his old stuff up on here. So he did some digging and came up with some utter gold this being the first instalment.

Words and interview by Freddy Twice.

n.b. I did this interview in 1988, almost 30 years ago, it´s a long time…it´s a whole life, i did not read this interview since it was published  right after i got it from Dan. Many questions, actually, sound silly, childish or naive…but if you read deep between the lines, things aren´t really changed too much, yes we are older, wiser (hopefully), someone got a family, some not, some got kids, some not, maybe overweight or bald…but many of the people of this interview are still there, involved with the scene, a little less dreamers, but still struggling: Dan with DONE DYING,GAVIN with Bloodydays, America is still bombing the world….rapists still out there…and me ? I STILL BELIEVE !!!

Originally published in the italian Straight Edge fanzine “MY ATTITUDE

MA. A brief History of the band

DAN. My Attitude what´s up ? I was Thrilled when i received your letter and would be glad to do an interview for an italian ‘zine. I hope you enjoy it.

Let´s go.

When the band started, in the first part of 1987 it was Dan, Gavin, Casey ( i guess Casey of Justice League/Ignite) and Jeff. Since then both have been replaced due to personal conflicts within the band. We now have John Mastropaolo on bass, Rob Hayworth ( Hard Stance, Farside, State of the Union) on 2nd guitar and Quin Millard on drums


MA. What does it mean “NO FOR NA ANSWER” ?

DAN. No For Na Answer is our reply  to any outside entity trying to force our decisions in life. We believe in individual thought and spurn group behaviour

MA.  What do you wanna accomplish ?

DAN.  When it´s all over i´d be satisfied if actually felt that i´d improved the social climate around me

MA. For you is more dangerous a rapist or a pusher ?

DAN.  A rapist. Pusher´s capitalise on the principle of supply and demand, they alone are not to blame- they have customers. A Rapist is an insecure, warped fucker who ruins unsuspecting lives. He deserves to be buried alive.


MA. How could you label your music ?


MA. Is still for you America : LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE ?

DAN. America is imperialist,  its foreign policy has little trouble with intervention in situations where it is not wanted ( seems this is still happening ndr.). America takes away the FREEDOM´S of other countries.


MA. Do you know anything about Italy ? (not only hardcore music)

DAN.  I know where it is…

MA. What do you think about “ The Stars War Project” ?


MA. A stupid question ( I like jokes): is it true that California are the best ?

DAN. They are the most physically attractive women in the entire world. They are, also, the most morally corrupt.

MA. Which are your favourite tv Series ?

DAN .“ A DIFFERENT WORLD”, I´m in love with Lisa Bonet, she used to be on the “ COSBY SHOW” (Bill Cosby actually charged as a serial raper…sounds weird now…) and she was in ANGEL HEART.


MA. Do you still attend school or do you work ?

DAN. I go to college and study Art and News reporting.

MA. What´s possible to achieve for NFAA, and what´s not ?

DAN. Nothing within reason is impossible, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, were men (human) like we are.

MA. How do you spend your spare time when you are not practicing with the band ?

DAN. I read a lot.

MA. For you STRAIGHT EDGE is just a way of life, a choice or anything more ?

DAN .Straight Edge is a slang term describing hatred of drugs and alcohol, the original song which inspired the movement said nothing about an ANTI-OBSESSION.

MA. Is S.E. an important part in your life ?


MAN. Have you got a big following ? How is it ?

DAN. I´d like to think it´s very big


MA. Something more to say…. ( an ad about your upcomin’ e.p. )

DAN. Thanx for the interview. Contact Revelation Records From Connecticut if you want a record.

Hope this enough, THANKS AGAIN, D A N

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