Young Till I Die…

By Ed

on the edge

After Drooling over some of my dude @Freddytwice pics I thought it was time we had more of a look into our Italian friend.

A few of his stunning YOT pictures have found them selves posted on the Rev & Youth Crew 88 Instagram accounts recently.

Here we find about a bit more about him and have a look at some of his other great pics and Rad flyers.

 Well you asked me why am i doing this ? Simple i´m a diehard oldschool hardcore…and i still believe in simples and Strong values such as SUPPORT, FRIENDSHIP, BROTHERHOOD and if my past experiences, my background and knowledge can be useful, why not ? It´s been years i was thinking to do something concrete for the scene…i did in the past but i´ve been too much lazy and passive over the years…when i moved to Brazil in 2008 i quit the band (think twice) and definetely  stop playing an active role in the hardcore scene, no i´m back in Italy and trying to exploit this comeback doing something real and concrete , back to the place where my heart belongs.


yot leoncavallo ph

YOUTH OF TODAY LEONCAVALLO 1989 001 (432x640) (2)

YOT 1989 @Leoncavallo Milan

I´m pratically involved in the punk music since the beginning, when i was a 14 years old kid back in 1977…so i pratically grew up with this music and followed the changing and evolving of this music, turning into hardcore and what has become today…when i first heard of straight edge, 1981-1982 i immediately sympathize with this way of life, even if i whole embrace the cause with the second wave of bands such as uniform choice, Youth of Today and the whole youth bandwagon…so basically i got through all the changes that happened in almost 40 years of music.


Spawn & Think Twice Haldensleben 1993

It was only in 1981 that i joined the first bando of my life local punk band that was playing english punk hardcore style in the vein of Discharge, exploited….then in 1983 with others locals hardcore kids we started the very first hardcore band in town called I DENY i was the singer…we released a self produced 7’, in 1987 i quit the band ´cuz i wanted to keep playing straightforward hardcore, while the rest of the band wanted to develop a different sound. In 1989, right after the Youth of Today euro tour, me and my friend Gonzo started THINK TWICE one of the earliest straight edge italian bands

our pride

We lasted more or less untill 1995-1996…in the between we recorded a demo, a 7’, a full lenght álbum, be on a couple of compilations, toured germany, played few show in the US (east coast)…in 1994 me and my pal Gonzo started a side Project band called AGEING , we were 5  straight edge guys comin´from 4 different town of Italy, we recorded a demo, a 10”  ep and toured with think twice and Product…in 1997 Ageing split up…in 1996 Gonzo and me (yes Gonzo was Always by my side) started another side Project band called SNOWFALL , it was very influenced by post hardcore bands early emo stuffs, such as Quicksand, Shift, Texas Is The Reason, Jawbox, Fugazi, Split Lip, we did a 7” on twilight records, but in 1998 we disbanded.


But got back together in 2007 to record a full lenght álbum released on YouthCrew records. In 1999 former Think Twice bass player called me to join as vocalist of just born hardcore local band, “Thoughts To Share” with a very Orange County Hardcore sound, a mix of Ignite, Dag Nasty, Triggerman, Killing Flames, we lasted a couple of years but we made to record a full lenght cd on YouthCrew Records. In 2007 Sergio (think Twice vocalist) and me decided it was time to get Think Twice back…so we added a brand new line up with 3 local kids and played untill i moved to Brazil in the late 2008. Right before my departure we went to a studio and  recorded 6 brand new songs. Finally those unreleased stuff we´ll see the light on a complete Think Twice discography, hopefully within this fall. Along with being parto of various bands, with Gonzo i Published a fanzine called MY ATTITUDE , we did like 5 issues, from 1987 untill early 90´s.

i was in the staff of another local fanzine called ALL OUT ATTAK  ( 1983-1986), and along with Green records we booked various hardcore show locally, such as Upfront, 4 Walls Falling, Man Lifting Banner, Nations on Fire.


think twice-mouthpiece-point of view -ken OldenThink Twice, Mouthpiece, Point Of View.


Astoria Crew

Actually, i just started a hardcore-straight edge  apparel company, all  drawn and produce by myself, hopefully i will be present with my corner to THIS IS HARDCORE FEST 2016 in august, so watch out for OLDFASHIONED crewcuts outlook.

Here Is some more of Freddy’s YOT pics from the 1989 era.

yot88-89 (640x428)


today leon


YOT @Leoncavallo Milan.

sergione wally ph

Sergione with Walter.

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