Mindset farewell tour @ Juz Mannheim 13/02/2016

By Tieuma

It’s weird how the only other live report I did was for a gone band. And this one is certainly outdated, but I wasn’t sure if I had to do it or not. But honestly, for all the good reasons I had not to do it, I only needed a better one to finally right it down.

There’s not many shows I kept clear memories of, as I’m going to a lot of them, but all of those I can remember as I just saw it are all Hardcore Punk shows. Among them you got HAVE HEART farewell tour, CATHARSIS reunion at Fluff Fest, BURN in London or JUSTICE & TRUE COLORS in Antwerp (and believe this one will remain as it was a pain in the ass to get there and to comeback.), and some more, but just so you can get how I got a kink for gone bands/farewell shows.

Obviously, the MINDSET one will remain too. And this is worth writing a post about. I could have done the BURN one earlier this year but it’ll come later in a paper zine. Anyway. MINDSET were unbelivable, and so was the crowd (with all the criticism I can make on the situation but whatever). If I didn’t dig LEAVE NO DOUBT that much, mostly because of the lyrics as it was impressive musically, thanks to their new drummer, their last EP was great, and on all of their other EPs are amazing. It’s always powerfull and always striking a chord. One of the best band of our generation, in my opinion.

So I had a lot of epxectations that night, really. I already saw them on the tour they did for the release of LEAVE NO DOUBT. It was a good show, but lacked motivation. So, for me, they were about to do the same thing, like europe is a cool destination to chill but let’s be honest, why bothering doing a show like we do at home, right ?

Well, I was a bit bitter, and maybe I spoke too fast, I misjudged their intention, and the show in general. Because it’s not the headliner who does everything right ? It would have been a mistake to say so that night.

Since their beginning, I always dug INSIST. Great band, breat vibes, but I couldn’t expect something like REFLECT to happen. This is more or less every members of INSIST playing another instrument; but more a TURNING POINT worship. They did play long, due to a limited number of songs, but it was great and they were totally into their stuff, you could feel they were happy to cross the Channel for once. And the crowd was into it too, there was a lot of people in the room for the first band, super cool.

Right after them, the Mannheim’s Youth Crew champions, DOMAIN, went on stage, and they were way over what I expected. It was nuts, those guy don’t seem to care much about anything do they deliver their load with a lot of intent. The place went all off, and you could see their friends came upfront. Defenitly a band to keep an eye on. And any project their bassist is involved in.

I wasn’t that much into STATEMENT X set unfortunately. I liked their split with HANGIN’ TOUGH and their demo was more than O.K but it was liked something was missing, I can’t tell why but I quickly got bored, I’m sorry boys.

REFLECT came back on stage but as their doppleganger, INSIST. Not even tired of their previous set, like nothing happened in fact. I was pissed to miss them when I went for TRUE COLORS in Belgium, so I expected a lot of this performance and they didn’t disappoint at all. Their set is perfectly handled, and you got the energy you asked for when thinking Youth Crew. Just the perfect to warm up for MINDSET.

Well, as I went on in thinking it would be dead still in the pit, I didn’t see what was coming. It’s like room filled up with ten times more people. Everyone was walking on someone else, like scales of humans if you will, unrelentless action, unbelivable. So I cowardly hide myself in a corner of the stage, and it was already a rough spot believe me. But nonetheless I had a wonderful overview of the action, so did Sunny of Hate5Six who followed the band in Europe for the tour. If you want to picture what I was seing, it’s exactly the same thing as the video but on the opposite corner of the stage. Well anyway. As always, I only got the basic inbetween-songs-speech, which is always a bummer but I don’t think I can ask for more in this case, and maybe it was enough, or people would have turn cold if Evan spoke more.

If I was a little bit sceptic about this show, almost all the bands killed it, and MINDSET were totally crazy, and as they know how to deal with people going on killing spree, the stage was perfectly under control. They played all of their best songs, and put the heart in every and each of them. I could be more disappointed by the lack of older songs, but surprisingly it didn’t move me at all.

For all the energy and the crazy things I saw from the crowd and the bands that night, I won’t forget that night MINDSET went in Europe to say goodbye. It was over anything I imagined and I was like a kid in front of a firework, I didn’t understend what was happening but the sound and the view were just mesmerizing. Usually I’m reticent when show go too violent, but this time I didn’t even noticed. I hide myself and watched. Perfect.

If you missed the show and the video, here’s some shot by Sunny, thank you buddy. Thank you MINDSET and thank you to all the bands who played that night.

Also, R.I.P Peter Amdam, you’ll be missed.

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