Where It Went -Mike Judge.


By Ed


One of the bands I never thought I’d be interviewing would be Judge.
This is another special interview for me and I was stoked when Mike said he’d be up for doing it.
Thanks to Aga Hairesis and Jeff Lasich for some of the photography.
And Adam Lentz at Rev For some of the flyer scans.

DR – What you are you up to right now?

Right now I am going through scraps of paper & pages of my travel notebook and putting all my little writings in my Big Book. I’m always writing lyrics.


DR- How was your recent show in Malmo, Sweden?

So crazy that you ask about our show in Malmo. I just heard a few hours ago about Peter Amdam passing away.  We had become pretty tight, so hearing about him passing away was nuts.

We go to play with them in Oslo and became good friends.

When we were invited to come out and play the Refused, we decided to put something together with “For Pete’s Sake” which was the Malmo show.   We were already making plans for future gigs. It’s just such a sad deal.


DR -When did you know and what were the turn of events that got Judge back together? And why?

Every once in a while it would cross my mind.  It wasn’t until I went to see the Biscuits at the 2012 BnB that the idea was cemented.

They did a cover of “NY Crew” and I felt kind of jealous, I wanted to feel that again.  Soon after I talked to Cuz and told him my plans.


DR – You have played a few shows all over the place since starting up again but what have been your favourites?

Our first three gigs were my favorites. The BnB, This is Hardcore & Fun, Fun, Fun Fest.

I also have to add getting to play London was just awesome! There are other’s but those are the standouts.


DR -Has it been a really good experience playing out again with old friends?

For the most part, it’s all been pretty positive. How could it be bad playing music with friends?


DR – I’d like to get a feel for what the vibe was like back in the 80’s in NYC. Can you give us a taste, what were some of the craziest shows? 

NY in the 80’s is hard to put into words. It was crime ridden and all we had were each other. There was no greater sense of family.  Every show was crazy in one way or the other.


DR – Were you ever seen as an outsider being from NJ? Was there much going on in NJ?

Being from Jersey did seem to put us at a disadvantage, but we were a spirited crew! Besides, we had nowhere else to go! Ha ha..


There was a really cool scene in NJ, it was just easier for me to get to NY.

In NJ you need to be able to drive to get to most shows. It was easier to hop on a bus..20 minutes later I was in NY.

Mike Soundcheck SO36 Berlin 2013

DR – What record shops were you using in NYC & NJ at the time?

There was one great record shop in NJ that I was close to. It was called Looney Tunez.

The other great record shops were in NY..FreeBeing was my fave, but there was also Sounds, the Rat Cage and of course, Some Records.


DR -Who were some of the original NYHC dudes you hung out with when you first started going to shows?

DR -And what was your first show?

The guys I started out with were the “Cause for Alarm” guys. They were from NJ.

My first show was at Irving Plaza, it was Misfits, Necros & maybe Beasties, can’t remember for sure.


How did you end up playing in YOT? 

I was asked to try out by Cappo. I ran into him on St. Marks Place, we were talking about what was happening in our bands & he was telling me about his search for a drummer. He asked about my band at the time (Supertouch)and I told him things were going good.

He asked if I was interested in trying out, I agreed to try out.  I really never thought I would get the gig. Somehow, thankfully, I did.


DR – What were some of your favourite times, tours and shows with YOT?

My favorite tour was the “Break Down the Walls” tour. The bonds that were made on that tour are just as solid today. Like the song says, “Growing up with kids I can truly call my friends”.

DR – I think a few people including me would say YOT are the greatest Straight Edge band of all time, what are your feelings on that? 

I can say they were definitely the spark that led to some of the best bands forming.

YOT’s place in history is solid, there’s no question.


DR – Is the Straight Edge still a big deal for you? You have talked about why you became Edge many times before, but what does it mean to you today?

It still means the same. So many are dying or are already dead. It just makes sense.


DR – What would you say your personal favourite Judge song is to sing still to this day? Which means the most to you?

My favorite JUDGE song is “Forget This Time”, for its openness about myself & “The Storm” for just being a dramatic beast!


DR – What is your all time favourite venue to play and why?

I love Webster Hall & of course CB’s. I also really love Gilman St. in Berkley.


DR – What are some of the bands that you can still really identify with from the late 80’s?

And what modern bands get you going? 

I still listen to 7 Seconds, SSD & Gorilla Biscuits.

I also listen to H2O, daily, because Toby is one of the truest people I’ve ever had the honour of meeting and calling my friend.

New bands? I love Wisdom in Chains & Anchor (although they are no more), and although they are not new, I have a lot of love for “For Pete’s Sake”!   But there’s a bunch, there always will be!


DR – Is it true we might get some new Judge material?

That’s the plan this summer.

We won’t rush it, we need it to be true JUDGE, not just putting something out for the fuck of it.



DR – What are the plans for Judge for the rest of the year and even 2017?

Playing wherever someone is willing to listen!

DR – Anything else you want to add?

Thanks for having me, Brother!

judge logo



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