Control 2016 Promo

By Ed


What can I say about Northerners Control? Well I’m pretty sure they are my favourite UK Hardcore band for a start secondly they love Turning Point which has to make any sane person like them. As regular readers will know I never do reviews and I 99% of the time just pass what ever come our way to the other guys. But when Jonny emailed me I thought …yea I’m going to do a review!

So yea the promo is great it reminds me of so many old bands maybe a bit of a mid 90’s sound?  all three songs including the Turning Point cover done with style, Great music in general real UK Straight Edge hardcore at its best I’d say.


Control will also be play with Dag nasty on the 4th of August so don’t miss that they will also be hitting up Mainland Europe for a tour later in the year around October time. There is label rumours and talks of an LP coming soon too so fingers crossed.

image2.JPGPhotography by Amy McGilly





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