BROTHERHOOD interview with GREG ANDERSON – by Freddy



This interview happened right before the band broke up, Greg then moved to San Diego and started  STATEMENT (look out for their awesome 7’ DON´T SACRIFICE ME), played with Amenity, Engine Kid, Galleon Lap , later he has been part of several metal-doom-stoner bands such as Goatsnake, Sunn O ))), Ascend, Thor´s Hammer, Pentemple, actually, is   succesfully running the record label   Southern Lord Records.   I did this interview in june 1989 and originally published on the italian Straight Edge fanzine “MY ATTITUDE”

  • BROTHERHOOD is a pretty young band, but his popularity and following is growing, can you explain us the secrets of your success ?  I think that our popularity as band is due to the fact   we always wear bell bottom  trousers at the shows !
  • Has the word¨BROTHERHOOD¨ the meaning  as brotherhood within the scene, or has it a wider meanin´, including the whole human race ? Yes it embrace the whole human race, you really hit the nail in the head, Bro`!
  • Some of you guys were in a band called “False Liberty”, then Inner  Strenght and now you´re into this new band, what has changed since the past bands ? The Style and  our age, of course! BROTHERHOOD is hardcore  in the vein of Y.O.T., SSD, Stalag 13 etc, False Liberty was more ultra trash and Inner Strenght   was  sort of melodic sound  leaning towards 7 Seconds and Dag Nasty. BROTHERHOOD was for sure my favourite of all three.                          


  • Do you think that actually straight edge is becomin´a trend ? Do you think that the increase of e. people/bands  in the scene will continue or will go down ?    Straight Edge is a trend for some, but the true will always shine through. Straight  Edge is growing and will continue to be cool if people aren´t so militant and practice   being too much separatists and intolerant.
  • You have been compare to early SSD, do you guess that comparison can really fit to your band ?  Sure, it´s really a  flattering thing for us, really make us proud of our sound and   definetely  SSD is one of our favourite band.
  • Does politics influence any of your lyrics ?     Yes to a certain  degree, but politics influence life everywhere on daily basis, don´t  you think so ?.


  • I´ve read that you guys work on a fanzine called “open your eyes” and even run a label, how do you find the spare time to dedicate both band and fanzine ? We don´t do that, a swell dude and dudette, John White (former vocalist of  BROTHERHOOD) and his sidekick Kellie Wolhrab do all that stuffs, THE O.Y.E. POSSE  RULES !
  • Do you go to the cinema ? Which are your favourite directors and which are the movies that impressed you more lately ?  Yes,i love Dennis Hopper movies ! RIVER´S EDGE (Keanu Reeves-Dennis Hopper   and BLUE VELVET (D.Linch) are the best movies ever made ! NAIL GUN  MASSACRE  runs a close 2nd.            .
  • Is BROTHERHOOD a vegetarian band ?  No,  half is, half not, just  me and Chris are, the other 2 are carnivores.


  • Which is your opinion about american influence in central and South america ?           Hypocritical…what we are supporting is NOT democracy, are greedy and bloody                       tyrannies, fascism and dictatorships,we should use our power in peaceful, helpful                   ways, to build a better world, what do you think ?
  • What´s your feeling when you hear the american inn, indifference or pride ?  I don´t understand your question, Patriotism is fine, till it becomes separatism  then  it´s idiotic.
  • Where did you take the inspiration for the lyrics of “no tolerance” ?    Racist ignorance in the U.S. alternative music scene, it´s pretty huge nowadays  even  in our  own scene !
  • How much important is the band for you ?    It was important, now it´s done and i plan on  continuing my efforts and energy in  sunny California, hopefully i will move there very soon ! (STATEMENT-AMENITY)


  • WHAT ABOUT YOUR FUTURE PLANS ?  Actually none…in the future who knows ?
  • Do you wanna give any advice to the readers  ?   OPEN YOUR MIND kids this world is so large and big , HANG OUT at the closest  library  and grab some books! Libraries rule !
  • Something more to add…. BROTHERHOOD has broken up, it was really fun and we learned a lot ! Thanks for the interview. The BROTHERHOOD 7” ep is available for $ 5,00 from SKATE EDGE RECORDS 986 2E. Pinewood ave. Englewood Co.80111 USA


n.b. I did this interview in spring 1989, when the band replied Brotherhood had already split up. Greg Anderson then moved to sunny California and still lives down there running SOUTHERN LORD RECORDS and being part of several stoner/metal bands, Ron Guardipee after Brotherhood started RESOLUTION and kept running OVERKILL RECORDS for awhile,  NATE MANDEL played for Galleon Lap, Sunny Day Real Estate and later joined FOO FIGHTERS and still keep rockin´ with Dave Grohl and friends,  JOHN WHITE (former singer) kept publishing Open Your Eyes, moved to Florida for awhile  and then went back to SEATTLE and still is an active and charimastic hardcore scenester !


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