Muscle Before Paradise

By Ed


 I was stoked  when Mason dropped me a mail about MBP.

I really liked his solo tape Slobber in fact its on my iPod right now

This new post punk project has members of some very familiar current Hardcore bands that us at DR appreciate.

Bio By Mason.

MBP copy

Muscle Before Paradise is a band based out of New York City  (including members of Free At Last, FocusedXMinds, and Liberty ). Their sound is influenced by post-punk & rock-steady music of the past with the intensity, aggression and passion of the present.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.26.26 PM

MBP all live in the same neighborhood just a few blocks away from each other – two brothers, two employees of the same rock-climbing gym, and two former roommates: Chris, Blair, Mason, Chan. our debut tape, “Demonstration” just dropped in July 2016. Next is a East Coast tour in September and then the follow up release to “Demonstration” comes out in October.



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