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This an Interview from Droid X Rage issue 1  with Corey Williams of Piece By Piece.

Piece By Piece

All Photography by Dan Rawe

Ok man how’s it going, where are you Residing these days?

Currently living on Long Island NY wrenching on Harley’s for work and playing in Piece by Piece and the Wrong Side occasionally and started Manipulate with Buske and Ricky Backtrack.


Tell us a little bit about Manipulate how’s in the band how did it start out?

So the band was started with a handful of friends Ivan from dead wrong, rich from stop and think, Ricky backtrack, and Buske from the promise. Rich moved to Denmark so we got this dude Lucas from grudges. The sound is basically anything 80s crossover for influence, been told it sounds like SOD, nuclear assault, liberty era AF, etc.


Your Also in Piece by Piece,you have new material out right?

Yeah we got record called “Primative as Fuck” out on solid bond records here in the states. I was told its gonna be released on a euro label as well just don’t know the name of it unfortunately.

Are you planning on playing many shows out with them too?

PBP isn’t touring band so not too many plus my job really keeps me from taking any time off. They will be playing some shows without me but that’s fine cuz I think people need to see PBP to truly appreciate pbp. Luckily I get to fly out to play the record release show in LA.


Do you still Tour manage any other bands?

Na TMing for terror was awesome but I have my own bands that should have been playing shows. Now I’m a slave to the motorcycle and play when I can.


How do you think the Straight Edge  is in 2013?

Good question. I’m not the most involved in the scene these days so not really sure. I do know some young edge kids and a bunch of old edge dudes. I don’t think its as popular as when the youth crew revival in the 90s hit, but now you have kids being edge cuz they want too not cuz there’s a trend.


Where’s the best place you have been on tour?

That’s hard to answer. Show wise, Europe and Australia were the best for IA. Ninja fest was so memorable since it was our first show in the UK. Japan was the wildest place overall. South America with strife was unreal.


How do Manipulate and Piece by Piece differ style wise?

Manipulate is more or less a thrash metal influenced band. PBP kinda has a negative approach type sound. Lyrically it’s hardcore, sing along and punch someone in the face!


Where do you like to get Tattooed and by who?

Most of my work has been done by Bryan Burk at Dark Horse Tattoo in Los Angeles. Recently Tattooed by Josh Carter at IMmaculate Tattoo in Mesa Arizona.

Your a Metal Fan Right? Who do you really like Metal wise

I’m not gonna list them all haha but bands out right now that I love: gama bomb, ravens creed, power trip, take offense, Mindsnare, ringworm, bitter end, alpha omega, nails, carcass.


Your into bikes right what do you ride and are you very into the bike scene?

Not so much here in NY. Everything here is either wild hogs or sons of anarchy and I’m not into those extremes. I prefer riding in small groups of only friends. I ride with some tattoo artists from davinci tattoo and a couple of their buddies. I ride an 05 dyna.


Who are you guys Band Buddies With?

Backtrack, king 9, no one rules, incendiary, is who we share a practice space with and support the hardest On Long Island. But we get a lot of love from suburban scum, terror, power trip, blind justice, heavy chains.


Who are you Syked on Hardcore Wise At the moment?

So many good bands it’s crazy! Turnstile, DTN, suburban scum, terror, power trip, blind justice, heavy chains, Backtrack, king 9, no one rules, incendiary, alpha omega, relentless, level, 50 lions, born annoying, take offense, strife, rotting out, nomads.


Whats planned for both of your bands in 2014?

PBP touring Mexico without me but I’ll be doing the Australia tour. Manipulate will be playing some festivals all over.

Anything you want to Add Dude?

Na, thanks for help spread the word!


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