Out of School – Hardcore Punk from Andalusia (Spain)

One thing I love doing since I’ve downloaded the bandcamp app on my phone is to discover new bands. However Out Of School wasn’t one of them. I randomly saw a post on facebook that Fede from Minority of One (awesome band!) did talking about them saying they were a new band from Jerez, Andalusia (Spain). This fired up my HC senses (similar to Spider-Man’s spider sense only different) so I knew I had to check it out. And damnnnnn!!! This really made my morning better. If you like 80’s Hardcore Punk with an emphasis on Skateboarding than you should definitely check this out. If you don’t you should check it anyway.  They have a strong California vibe to their sound, and maybe it’s because they are from the south where they have a ton of sun, heat and awesome beaches, or maybe they just have good taste in Hardcore. Regardless, this demo (or is it an EP?!) is really great. It has a great mix of fast tempo songs, back up vocals (even some woo woos) and smart lyrics. I’m pretty sure their shows are a ton of fun. Andalusia has such a cool scene and this band only makes it even better. This isn’t groundbreaking or anything, but if you’re looking for a cool new band that will leave you with a smile on your face (it happened to me!) check them out.


Ps. This is my first post here on DroidxRage, I hope you enjoy it!



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