Oldfashioned Crewcuts Outlook

flyer pubblicitá2droidNUOVO LOGOBIG



Started this project almost for joke over two years ago, without any knowledge on photoshop, digital design or whatever, a great challenge, but a great passion and love for the music,expecially hardcore punk, an endless soundtrack walking along with me since my teenage years so far, in the good and in the bad, in the joy and in the sorrow, anger and fun. Being involved actively for over 36 years has allowed me to meet great people, to learn the do it yourself spirit, playing in bands, publishing fanzines, settin´up shows, touring´,travelling, sharing floors, hunger and broken backs, makin´  friendships that still last through all these years, but over all, building something real, something mine, realized with  my  own knowledge and my skills. Straight Edge and the straight edge community, in particular,  made me grow for real, learning basic values that are part of  me and of my lifestyle, loyalty, compassion, honesty, self esteem, hard work, brotherhood, respect of myself and of other people, but above all the conscioness that we arewe are advocates for our will.


Gorilla Biscuits/Think Twice Venice 1989


Freddy and Sergio 2 day NYC 1990



If i have to choose a phase of my life that really marked forever, straight edge and everything that comes with it, would be that one, sure   the best times of my life, the best friends, the best shows, the best music, THE BEST OF ME, that´s how OLDFASHIONED  Crewcuts is born and developed in my mind and in my heart during these years, now a dream turned  something real, something you can grab, you can wear that´s why, at the end, it´s not just another shirt brand, but it´s the spirit of that music and those magic years that I/ We wanna keep alive.


upfront+thinktwice 1991






Through these illustrations, that later become shirts or whatever, i express visually my aim, my feelings, my thoughts, my past-present-future, every sketch, every draw got a different backgroud and different story, i hope you enjoy too and share these emotions with Me, You Youth Crew….

HOCKEY_XMASK-FRONTflyer pubblicitá3-Recuperato


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