Minor Threat- a sob story- Interview with Lyle Preslar

I did this Interview with Lyle Preslar, former guitar player of Minor Threat, in the early summer 1983, few months later, in the fall of the same year, the band split up and never got back together, Minor Threat, along with 7 Seconds were truely my main influence in those years and also in the years to come, definetely still are my guiding light.  


Life’s not been good for you
It’s just not fair
You did nothing to deserve it
You did nothing at all
Sit back and watch
It turns from bad to worse
No matter how loud you cry
It always hurts

Hello It´s great to hear from one of those italian friends and expecially one who write english so well (thanks!). Often we get the letters from overseas which are nearly illegible and it takes a great  a deal of time to answer them . By the way, my name is Lyle and i´m Minor Threat guitar player. I don´t usually answer mail for Dischord but Jeff and Ian are quite busy right now and Brian and me are helping out. We´re pleased to hear that you´re working on a ´zine (ALL OUT ATTAK) and i´ll be happy to answer as many of your questions as i can. Right now we´re out (i sold the last one yesterday) Minor Threat t-shirts so i´m afraid you´ll have to wait to get one (poor me never got any…imagine if i had received an OG one straight from the band ?). Yes we´re good friends of both The Offenders and Big Boys and we just finished a Texas tour with them in March (1983). The Big Boys have a new álbum out and it´s very good. As for your questions about the 12” ep, we´re out of them right now, but the new pressing will be out very soon (anyway i received my OUT OF STEP copy a couple of weeks later). Also we´re working on deals in England and Germany, so soon all of Europe will have our records.  The anwers to your question other questions:


  • -Q) Why the name Minor Threat ? A) We call ourselves Minor Threat because when we started in 1980 we were all underage (under 18 years old) and we had trouble getting into club and see music, but also, we feel that rather than being a big threat to people or society, we´re only a minor one…it´s an understatement.
  • -Q) Are you politically involved as a band ? –A) We are not political in our music because we do not feel that politics are most important to our lives. We all have our own political views, but it doesn´t enter in our music.
  • -Q) Which are, if you have any, your main musical influences ? –A) We have hundreds of music influences, all of us different, try to name them would be futile.
  • -Q) Any fave bands ? –A) Well, there are too many to name…the list would be very long !social-minor-Q) Do you have any kind of relationship or friendship with bands like Dead Kennedys and Black Flag ? –A) We´re very friend with  both the DK`s and Black Flag, and both are very fine bands.
  • -Q) Is there actually a Skinhead OI! Scene in Washington D.C. ? –A) To be true i only know IRON CROSS as the only local band OI punks/skinheads, but i´m not sure they consider themselves an OI skinhead band ! You would try to ask them.
  • -Q) Do you know deeper any other american hardcore scene, beside D.C. ? –A) Any scene got its good points or bad points, i won´t say that DC scene is the best, but i naturally feel more comfortable here, because i grew up here, where my friends and family are…
  • -Q) What about the big scenes such  L.A. and San Francisco/bay área ? –A) Both LA and SF have large-huge, alive scenes and both support Minor Threat very well. Each one have made a great contribution to AMERICAN Hardcore with their bands, ´zines and people.
  • -Q) Boston got a really big scene and straight edge following, right ? –A) Boston is fantastic , the kids are absolutely wild and they have some of the most powerful bands anywhere, we love Boston !!! -Q) What about STRAIGHT EDGE, are you still x´ed? –A) We coined the frase “STRAIGHT EDGE” and we all live in basic agréement with its ideals.
  • -Q) Do you like the actual Punk Hardcore english scene (those years there were kind of rivalry between american and english hardcore scenes) ? –A) I like many english bands. I haven´t been in England in many years, so i don´t know what it´s like there. Unfortunately, english punks tend to put down american bands before they even hear them. ( well actually this doesn´t happen anymore)
  • -Q) Is there any racist punk scene there ? –A) I Detest racism in any form, so racist punks disturb me so much….but there´s some out there…
  • -Q) How do you do to pay your bills and survive ? –A) I work as a waiter in a French restaurant, Jeff and Ian run Dischord Records and Brian is a Bum ( no, just kidding man !).
  • -Q) How old are you guys ? –A) I´m 19 (Lyle) Ian is 21, Jeff is 20 and Brian is 18.
  • -Q) Do you like Reading ? –A) Yes i read many books. I went to the College for about a year before quitting to play full time in the band.img_2100
  • -Q) What do you think about people critics about Blag Flag is a longhaired band now ? –A) Well, i don´t think that Blag Flag, or anyone else, should be judged by the lenght of their hair or personal appearance, it´s their music that counts.
  • -Q) Violence seems to be a big problem in the hardcore scene nowadays, expecially in the american scene, isn´t it ? –A) Violence seems to be very hard to avoid in our society. To say that it is “bad”  is obvious, However, sometimes violence is necessary to protect yourself or to attain a desidered goal, it is unfortunate, but true.I hope these anwers will help you…write back soon   Lyle

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