Burn – Gavin Van Vlack

By Ed



We all Like Burn here at Droid Rage HQ so I thought it would be cool to check in with Gavin and see whats up.

As you know Burn have a new record out so we had a chat about this and that.


Pics By me, Freddy Twice and Greg Brown, Flyer Scans from Adam Lentz

DR: How’s things Gavin? What are you up to right now?
As i always say as long as I’m not bleeding profusely or on fire all else in pretty much manageable. Currently drinking coffee and typing an interview you sent me. What do you think I’m doing??
DR: Things have been pretty busy for you guys recently then?
Things have been super active. We’ve been playing quite a lot of shows and festivals and I’ve been writing new material all summer. I try to make a point to write on a regular basis.
DR: What made you guys play shows again? I know it’s been something that’s been on the cards before but was it ultimately time for everyone in the band?
We love the energy that Burn in particular has and honestly the energy of the audience we draw. It’s not just about the band, it’s the vibe at shows and the people we get to interact with that makes the experience what it is.
Chaka and I love playing music of all kinds. He has a really cool experimental project called Ghost Decibels that he puts a lot of love into and i have other musical projects as well but Burn is a special entity unto itself. 
A very close friend of ours was the catalyst in this happening and he asked us as a friend and fan of the music. 
DR: What have been your favourites of the reunion shows?
I don’t particularly care for that term. They all have things that make them special. There is always that particular energy that is there so it’s not easy to save what my favorite is. There are particular things that make each individual experience different but i can’t honestly say which has been my favorite. I just love playing in general.
DR: I guess they are no longer reunions, right?
As I said,It’s a bit of a silly term, yeah. Reunions to me are based on nostalgia and Burn has never been about looking back. We’ve always tried to push boundaries and that’s not something you can do while romancing the past.
DR: And to have new material out as well, how was it recording new music with Burn?
I love the process. We have so many talented friends who have great studios and amazing concepts. It becomes a cool collective of ideas if approached with the correct mindset
DR: You have kept the artwork very traditional Burn style, which is great, I hate when old bands have like a load of new logos and change it up a bunch, who is behind the From The Ashes art?
We have a “brand” so to speak and to change logos in all honesty confuses people. Journalist Jason Leopold from Vice magazine was a huge help with the graphics and photos. He’s a good friend of Chakas and a fan both what we’ve done musically and artistically. Chaka is really behind most of the graphic concepts. He has a certain and aesthetic to how he devises these things.   
DR: How did you end up working with Chris & Bridge 9?
Can’t say enough good things about the whole crew at B9. Chris did this ep because he really loves the band and has been nothing but helpful about everything. The rest of his team over there is so on point as well.
I love that hardcore music has gone beyond a small “DIY” concept and that our people are now producing our records because for a long time bigger labels were run by people who had little or no understanding of our culture and music. 
Chris not only put out great music with a solid ethos but has also created jobs with in our scene and that is really friggin’ cool in my opinion.
DR: You guys are off with Incendiary for 3 shows this month, but what other tour type stuff do you have coming up?
We will be back in Europe for the persistence tour in January with Suicidal Tendencies and Agnostic Front. Really looking forward to that. We are also discussing some tours with some other acts that i don’t want to get into right now but we are equally Psyched about those.
DR: What bands influenced early Burn? And what bands have you guys been listening to while writing new material?
I can’t say there was one or even just 10 bids that influenced us. Growing up in NYC you get exposed to a lot of music, art and street culture. All of these things shape your ideas and become your influences. 
There is so much great stuff that we “throw into our ears” from Country to EDM.
There were attitudes that we loved in bands like Nausea or Supertouch as direct peer group influences but our over all sound comes from so many angles and perspectives that it’s a really difficult question to answer. 
DR: Do you guys write together or is it just one of you?
Sometimes together sometimes I write alone. Depends on mood and timing.
DR: What are some of the bands that Burn as a whole is siked to play with, old & present day?
That again is such a difficult question to answer as we just love playing so I will rephrase that for you. We are in talks about more shows with American Nightmare, and the Deftness, Possibly doing shows with the The Refused, The bands I am most exited to play with are the band I haven’t heard yet because I love ti when i here someone do something musically that makes me want to delve deeper into the art form.
DR: You guys are still as energetic as ever when playing live, do you feel the same playing now as you did in the 90’s?
No. To be completely honest the BnB show was the 1st Burn show I ever played sober so i have little recollection of a lot of those shows. I believe that to be a good thing as i am not one to rest on my past deeds either good or bad and am more concerned with putting the effort into what is current and happening in this time frame.
DR: What’s next for Burn?
Well as you said we have these Incendiary shows coming up. They are friends of ours and are currently finishing there new LP which I expect is gonna be amazing. After that we are scheduled to record our 1st full length on Deathwish Inc with Kurt Ballou producing it. 
2017 is winding up to be an amazing year in general with all of the dope music and art that is currently being made available. We are just really excited to be a part of it and want to put forth our best effort to release an album that we think our audience deserves.
I want to thank everyone who has come out to the shows thus far and is supporting live music as an art form in general.

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