By Ed


DR: So do you want to introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from?

Hey Ed, i am Orhun, 35, teacher for math, history and geography, husband and father of the sweetest girl ever named Ela.
DR: How were you exposed to Hardcore? What was your first show?
I was one of those kids, who listened (still listening) to downset, rage against the machine, dog eat dog and biohazard. one of my first hardcore bands were ignite, insted and sick of it all, that was around 1996 and i was sixteen. after that hardcore got me!
DR: What Straight Edge Hardcore bands did you fall in love with straight away?
Insted. love at first sight. so posi, so good. this band changed my life. still straight edge 20 years and counting.
DR: What was some of your first merch you bought and where did you get it?
first shirt was a ignite conversion records design, ignite and a big hardcore frontprint, exactly how i feel with sixteen. still own the shirt by the way!
DR: Did you always buy a bunch at shows?
i am not going to every show in my area, job and family you know :), but every now and then i am checking the new bands and if i like the band and the design: i buy it.
DR: What are your top 10 favourite Straight Edge Hardcore shirt designs?
Step Forward Records drugfree youth
New Age Records proud to be poisonfree
Positive Peer Pressure Dont need drugs
Smorgasbord Records classic straight edge
New Age Records for us its all we need
Positive Peer Pressure drugs? NO!
Nemesis Records use your head say no to drugs…
New Age Records watching you fall…
Outspoken straight edge isnt cool anymore
Step Forward Records the kids have had their say
DR: And non Straight Edge?
too many to list
DR: When did you start collecting seriously?
i am collecting since the early 00s
DR: How many shirts do you own?
something around 800 – 850
DR: What’s your top five bands to collect merch from?
Insted, Judge, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today and anything new age records related
DR: So what was your motivation to start the book?
i had this idea since i started my blog “xshirtsx” in 2006, but brush it aside, but last year i just fished it up again and start the project. the idea was to share some nice shirts and some cool stories, so i told my longtime friend marc aka xembracex about my project and he was on fire, he made the pics, Chris from empowerment join us and made one of the best layouts.
DR: What can we expect from the book?
you can expect around 100 Shirts from the 80s and 90s plus some nice info/facts or stories to a few shirts written by mike hartsfield, Rob Moran(unbroken), chris logan(chokehold) and Scott Vogel(despair).
DR: Any last words?
thanks ed for the interview, thanks to marc and chris for everything and everyone who helped me to finish this book, i am already planning issue 02. fuck racism! enjoy hardcore! enjoy life! love!

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