A Few Words with Lucy -Primal Rite.

By Ed



DR: Hey! what’s up, wanna introduce yourself and the band?

Sure! My name is Lucy, I do vocals, Jake and Jason are the riffers, Max is on bass and Jeremy makes the beats.

DR: When did things kick off with Primal Rite?

I believe it was December of 2015? Profile had started up in like July I think, which is also Max, Jake and I, and Scalped was coming to a close; they played their last gig in February 2016. So basically they needed a new singer moving forward with new material, so from their experience with me in Profile they asked if I was down and we picked a new name and kept it moving.


DR: Where are you all from? Are you all from the same place?

Let’s see, everyone is from California except for me. I grew up in Virginia, starting going to shows in Richmond, but I’ve been in CA for almost 8 years now. Max and Jake are raised San Francisco proper. Jeremy is from Bremerton actually, but has lived most of his punk career in the Bay. Jason is from Menlo Park, lives in SF now.


DR: How would you describe Primal Rite’s vibe?

Primal Rite’s vibe, hmm… good question. I know Max wants us to have like a “rocker” vibe, like yeah we play hardcore but we’re all about rocking out. Like a classic vibe you can’t really fuck with, some lifestyle shit. I guess we kinda have that. We’re no bullshit, no trend shit that’s for sure. But really I think we’re like the hybrid/wildcard vibe. Our style is diverse, the guys draw influence from vast cuts of punk and metal. There’s chaos to it, there’s finesse to it. Hybrid shit.


DR: One of the other guys here interviewed Scalped but I’m not familiar with them personally, what made you split up?

The boys really wanted Scalped to move and at a point their old singer was ready to really dive into his like professional career in his field of study, but the boys weren’t done with the band. So they just decided to grab a new singer, change the name and our first 2 songs on the single were originally for the Scalped LP. But I think moving forward, PR has taken on a new identity more than just being “new Scalped”.


DR: What bands are Primal Rite’s jam, like who in any genre inspires your music?

The boys all have their background more in punk than like straight forward hardcore, but have grown fonder of and desired to write heavier hardcore/metal as they’ve gotten older. Max, Jake and Jeremy all played in Yadokai, Jake was in Nightstick Justice and E.coli, Jason was in Permanent Ruin, Jeremy was in Sanctum and Ritual Control. We all really like japanese hardcore a lot, and draw from it heavily, bands like Nightmare, Lip Cream, Death Side and Judgement. Also OSDM big time, we all love Obituary, Autopsy and Bolt Thrower. Current bands we really love are No Tolerance, Power Trip and Concealed Blade. These bands definitely inspire us to keep our craft tight. Also the Bay just has a rich musical history I think we all like to reflect on and draw influence from.


DR: Are any of you in other bands, and what do you do outside of bands?

Yeah, me, Jake and Max are in Profile, Jeremy is in Busted Outlook and Condition, Jason is in The Exquisites and Joyride, Max is in a band called Fatigue. Max is a preschool teacher, other than that I think the rest of us just have normal jobs.

DR: So you all are working on a record with Rev right?

Yes. 7″ is already recorded and art is done, should be out February 2017 hopefully. And we’re writing the LP currently.


DR: Which of the old Rev bands are top shelf for you?

For me it’s Burn, Judge, Side By Side and Inside Out. Chain songs are good, but they’re a little corny and their legacy is kinda weak. The Bold tracks I like, I REALLY like, but most of it I don’t. YOT is the greatest to me, though their best material was formally on Caroline. I know Max really likes Texas Is The Reason. We all really like Judge, that one is agreeable. I really like The Earth Is Flat. Shout out to The Nerve Agents by the way, last Bay band on Rev. Great band.


DR: What was your passage into Hardcore?

For me, it was t-shirts. I saw some kids at my high school wearing some shirts and I was like, “What is that?” They told they were hardcore bands. I hung out with those kids later and they played me Down To Nothing, Bracewar, Madball, Terror and Comeback Kid. This was like 2008. Went to my first show shortly after and I was hooked.

DR: What bands are you listening to right now?

Right now I’m really into Triage, Gazm, Mad Existence, Nosebleed, Concealed Blade, Firewalker, Gatecreeper, Krimewatch, Angel Du$t and Lower Species. For current bands.


DR: How was Not Dead Yet fest, and the rest of your east coast tour?

Not Dead Yet was amazing, probably my favourite fest tied with Damaged City. Similar vibe. Very diverse line-ups, shows are broken up so you’re not in one place for 10 hours and you can see the city. Toronto is mad cool, I can’t wait to go back. The Turnstile/GLOSS gig was insane. Last Violent Reaction set this side of the water was great. The after show with Triage was truly memorable. That was a good way to end tour, kids went off when we played, it was cool. Tour was also great, got to play with lots of amazing bands, saw lots of friends. Shout out Mad Existence and Claim, truly love both those bands and miss seeing them. Also shout out Grave Mistake and Pop Wig, top notch labels, easy to work with and great guys.


DR: Thanks for your time, anything else you’d like to add?

Keep an eye out for our upcoming shit, 7″ early next year and hopefully an LP later 2017 too. Hope to keep seeing badass girls and queer people in bands. Respect Bay metal.

Photography by Angela Owens & Kris Kirk.

Also Thanks to Adam Lentz For the flyer scans.

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