Jeremy – Fury 2

Interview by Max Philpott Layout by Ed.


Thanks to Jeremy for the pics.

DR – Firstly, you guys just got off the Life & Death Tour with some sick bands. How was that? Any memorable moments/shows? I heard you guys had your van broken into, sucks to hear that.

It was a really rockin time, it felt a lot like summer camp. My favorite moment was probably playing an aftershow in San Antonio with The Real Cost in a basement underneath the venue. I had a lot of fun playing Gilman too. Yeah the van situation was a pain in the ass, and I felt real bad about it due to Red Death having just gotten their van broken into a month before in europe.

DR – From the outside looking in (if that’s even a thing in hardcore) it seems that the hardcore scene in the US amongst bands is very close knit. What’s the relationship been like with bands like Freedom and the label Triple B Records? Also bands like Firewalker and Krimewatch are really broadening the spectrum for females in the scene which I think is sick, what’s your stance on that?


The guys in Freedom and someone like Sam from Triple B Records are on the save wave length as all of us as people and we all gel together real well. We all became fast friends right after we had all met each other. It blows my mind that we have people like them in our lives. Seems to me that a lot of people in the scene are inspired by their friends and all feed off each other in a positive way. As far as females having a bigger platform than they have in the past is incredible to me. I play in two other bands with female members and they both are some of the strongest and most intelligent people on the planet, and it makes me feel good that they have a platform to express themselves at the same level as someone like me would have. I can’t wait for the day where there is legitimate equality and bands like Firewalker and Krimewatch only help us all as a society move towards that day faster. I hope my baby sister sees bands like that and wants to start a band someday.


DR – Paramount has just been released which is likely to be my favourite record of the year. I really like the sound, delivery and the lyrics are sick.  Are you guys proud of it? How’s the feedback been on tour and from people that dig Fury?

Thanks for the nice words man, they’re much appreciated. We all worked real hard on it and are extremely proud of how it turned out. We have gotten great feedback and have met a lot of new people at shows who would by a CD or record, people who would have never seen us had we not done that tour with Terror.

DR – What was life like growing up in California. What are some of your favourite things about it?

I love California a whole lot and I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. It was a pretty relaxed upbringing. The towns I grew up in were quiet suburbs where you see people walking their dogs, kids playing little league baseball at all the parks or sitting at street corners with lemonade stands on Sunday afternoons. Weather and the food were always great, and the people are even better (most of them at least). I love seeing that canyons in the background and it’s rare that the sunsets or sunrises are less than beautiful, even though it’s mostly due to pollution funny enough. I love Del Tacos at every freeway exit and being able to drive around with windows down, listening to music all loud.


DR – I usually ask bands I ask questions to share 5 things about hardcore/punk or any other music genre that you have a passion for. For example favourite record, band, show, artist, piece of merch (anything you want). If you could think of 5 things and share that would be real cool.

My favorite record is the Cat Party LP and my favorite band right now is The Lounge Lizards. My favorite show I ever went to was Milk Music on the 4th of July a few years ago where they played on the balcony at some dudes house in LA during sunset when the fireworks were going off. Yo but another favorite show I went to was Creatures at this spot called The Avalon Bar by the beach in Costa Mesa, CA. My favorite artist is Clyfford Still and favorite piece of merch is that Never Mind The Bollocks shirt that Neil Young wore in that Human Highway scene with DEVO when they play “Hey Hey, My My”.

DR – Lastly, I’ve gotta ask do you see yourself coming over to Europe/UK and playing some shows for us anytime soon? Outbreak Fest is a show that usually attracts some sick US bands to make weekenders out of…although its a long way to come! I’m sure the UK kids would set off if you did.

We are planning on coming to Europe sometime this year, it’s just a matter of finishing a few details out. I want to go to as many Football matches as possible when we do go out there.

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