By Ed


Ladies & Gentlemen’s, we proudly present the first video of the new OCHC outfit LAST LIGHT.

LAST LIGHT contains former members of UNITY, MEAN SEASON, THE TWILIGHT TRANSMISSION, IGNITE and OUTSPOKEN, just to name a few. John Coyle stated, that they started the band after reuniting with their previous bands for the Jon Bunch Memorial Show in March 2016 in Santa Ana, CA “and we realized we are not done yet, we have so much more to contribute”. Produced by Brett Rasmussen of IGNITE and recorded at Paul Miner‘s Buzzbombs Studio, ‘Conquer & Rise’ brings you Orange County Hardcore at its best. LAST LIGHT’s set foundation is in the past, that’s for sure, but they sounds fresh, vital and full of energy. You just can’t play that typically OC Sound any better in 2016.

Within the next week, the first interview with LAST LIGHT will be published exclusively here at DroidXRage and a new song will be streamed in December. The guys are planning to release their debut EP and a Split-EP, together with a European HC-band, in the beginning of 2017. They are looking forward to playing a lot of shows and especially touring the US and Europe.


Jae Hansel (vocals)

Joe Foster (guitar)

John Coyle (guitar)

John ‘Low’ Lorey (bass)

Danny Baeza (drums)

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