ZERO EIGHT ONE: “Something To Say”

ZERO EIGHT ONE is Napoli hardcore straight edge band, Paolo is their singer, beside this he´s  an old time friend since the Ageing days, over 20 years of friendship. Paolo is a long time “TRUE TILL DEATH” straight edge guy, a real true scenester,  he did a lot for the italian scene,but he is still here fighting, struggling and helping out : yes, he still got SOMETHING TO SAY ! 


DR – A brief bio of the band, line up, releases…

081- The band was born 3 years ago, after some line up changes the group is formed by Paolo vox, Luca guitar,Bosco guitar, Enzo Bass, Daniele drums.. We love to play youth crew hardcore early ’88 with a touch of melody.

DR- We know each other since the mid 90´s,  how  do you think has changed the italian scene in the between time ? What´s your opinion about the current situation of the italian hardcore scene  and straight edge onein particular  ?


081- I suppose doesn´t exist an italian hardcore scene, people think about music without passion and attitude, but this is just my point of view. I’d like to see a big sxe scene over here with old and new kids, all under the same  one flag, but i know it’s not possible. I really loved the old itaslian hc scene, can´t stop  listen to bands such as Think Twice, Growing Concern and Open Season. Again surely you can´t find a band with all sxe members, maybe Safe from Milan or Chains from Bologna, but  jealousy and envy dominate, italian hardcore scene is over!!!

DR- It Seems, at least for my limeted knowledge, that not such many bands are comin´out from South of Italy, beyond the fact that seems there´s no connection between north and South, do you agree ?

081-Yes buddy i agree and is too bad, ‘cuz like i said before i hope in a choesion about all bands from northern to southern Italy. But many bands think about themselves…nothing under the sun new man!


DR- How did ZERO EIGHT ONE got the deal done  with IRISH VOODOO records (a californian based record label ), it´s not that easy for a not american band to seal a deal like this, even  more for an italian band….

081- Easy bro, we sent our stuff  and Joseph from  Irish voodoo rec, answers us back  telling us he was interested to put out our stuff on his label, that’s all.

DR- Do you plan any tour across the states in the future ?

081- Sure man, we’ re working for 12 dates tour, maybe in Aprile 2017, Pat (Uniform Choice’s drummer) is looking to set up shows for us in collaboration with Irish Voodoo Rec., we’ll see, maybe you can come with us ahahahaha ( do not ask me twice, I’ll take your word for it!)


DR- Do you mind that ZERO EIGHT ONE  is  compared to bands like Ignite, and in general to the OC hardcore sound, is what you wished since the start, are those bands your main influences ?

081- Many people compared Zero Eight One to O.C. hc bands, this is our goal, we still love bands such as Uniform Choice, Ignite, Insted etc…they  heavely and strongly inspired us, in particular voice and guitar riffs, i  really love Pat Dubar or Zoli Teglas singin´, they’re the best vocalists in the hardcore scene..

DR- ZERO EIGHT ONE changed the sound pretty much since the early years, how did this happen ?

081- No man, we played from the start fast and melodic hardcore, we just changed the band members throughout the years.


DR- I know you are a long time  straight edge diehard, what about the rest of band ? Do You X your hands on stage ?

081- I’m sxe and the rest of the band is too, we dont like to put on our hands X, ‘cuz we suppose it’s just a trend , definetely this is not in our way. We’re vegan and veggie too and strongly believe in a world were animals can live cruelty free.

DR- Do you have the opportunity to play many shows around ? Seems to me  it´s all kind of stagnant in Italy right now, …no much bands touring Italy nowadays…

081- mmmm…next question 

DR-  Record of the year ?

081- Mindset “nothing less”


DR- Your Current 5 favourite bands ?

081- :1)Ignite 2)Uniform choice 3)Gorilla Biscuits 4)Mouthpiece 5)Insted

DR- Any particular interest beyond the band and hardcore music ?

081- Yes bud, i love my job, i’m a lawyer but i like soccer and my hommies in the band love fitness, martial arts etc…

DR- Are you a records and t shirts nerd collector ?

081- Yes and my fav is the  Project X shirt !

DR- Where we can get ZERO EIGHT ONE releases ?

081- In Usa through Revhq, in Europe through Coretex mailorder, in Japan via Retribution network rec., or directly from Irish Voodoo rec or  ordering from ZERO EIGHT ONE

DR- Any Merchandise for sale  ?

081- No man, not yet.

DR- Did you buy THINK TWICE cd complete discography ? If not, why ? ah ah ah

081- Not yet, i’m looking YouthCrew rec., sending me one, but you know bro i´ ve got the originals on vinyl,  bought in the past.

DR- Do you know that former members of Ageing still remember the awesome a tasteful meal we had at your home 20 years ago ? Do you cook yourlself…as good as your Mom ?

081- Ahahahaha, this is a particolar question! I remember, fun time, but i lost my mom in this summer.. 


DR- Anything to add…future plans…tell something to Droid X Rage ´zine readers….

081- We’d like to thanx you and Droid X Rage Fanzine for the interwiev, i hope to meet new kids, new bands and hopefully more sxe people!!!

As the shows you can follow our facebook profile or instagram, these are next shows on schedule of ZERO EIGHT NINE:  -1) 12/28/2016 Pescara Scumm 2)12/29/2016 CBC party Caserta 3)12/30/2016 360° Roma

See ya around, thanx a lot..stay true and Go vegan!

Thanks and take care Paolo


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