Compilation Of Unity 7″

By Ed


Before being sent the 7″ I had never heard of german band Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden but its a pretty cool mix of music for the split, I like “What We Have” It kind of reminds me of some of the stuff that was popular when I was at school. For me Lastlight are a band that has been working so hard to get music out and they deserve a listen from anyone that is still living in a cave with regards to new melodic HC. They also have some awesome shows lined up with old friends of theirs like Bold, YOT and GB which is super cool, I think Joe might even be playing with ignite on that same bill.

If you haven’t heard either of these bands all the relivante info is below also links to everything you need.

Pressing info:
100 gold exclusive Coretex Records
100 exclusive on REV-yellow for
150 clear for Cargo Records/Distro
150 solid red for bands and label

Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden


With their founding in the end of 2014, the German band Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden (Thousand lions amongst enemies) have begun their attack. The successful debut-EP “Licht” (Light) set all signs on storm. With German, socially critical lyrics and short, concise and at the same time catchy songs, a clear manifesto was placed at the beginning of their work. A total of 5 pressings of the single on Ready to Fight Records are already sold out. The debut album “Machwort”, released on Let it Burn Records, is a concept album inspired by Hermann Hesse’s “Siddhartha”. Tausend Löwen UnterFeinden presented their album live to the fans at the BANE European Farewell Tour in November and December 2015 as well as at the Rebellion Tour with Madball, Crown of Thornzand the Ryker`s in March 2016, as well as numerous festivals in the summer of 2016 such as the Endless Summer Open Air, Tells Bells Festival, RockCamp etc. For the 1st time, they will play at the With Full Force Festival in Germany in Summer of 2017.



The journey of LastLight started in March 2016, after reuniting with their previous bands (Outspoken, OG 1993 Ignite line-up, Mean Season, Blood Days) for a benefit for a fallen friend, where they realized they are not done yet, they still have so much more to contribute. Back in the days, they were attracted to the speed and energy of the Hardcore music, the powerful and positive message, and the passion of the scene…but as a result of growing older and the responsibilities that come with, their involvement had dimmed over the years but since this Sunday in March it has begun to turn back to its full brightness. LastLight brings listeners Hardcore in the same vein as the music that started them on this path only reinforced by years of watching the scene around them grow and divide. LastLight is pushing forward with the new wave of OC Melodic Hardcore, same players new era…The next highlight in their band history will be the Revelation Records Fest in Juni 2017, where they play together with Youth OfToday, Ignite and Bold.


 At the beginning of 2017, Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden and LastLight began recording their songs for the split 7″ Compilation Of Unity. The LastLight songs were produced by Brett Rasmussen of Ignite and all 5 songs on that 7” were mixed and mastered by Paul Miner at his Buzzbomb Studios..The split will be released in the summer of 2017 via Unity Worldwide Records. Berlin based Core-Tex Records will deal the distribution in Europe. In America/World the record is distributed via RevHQ.

At the moment, Unity Worldwide Records is booking anEuropean Fall Tour (September 2017) for Tausend LöwenUnter Feinden and LastLight with shows in Germany, Switzerland and Austria to support their release.

Video „Illusion“ of Tausend Löwen unter Feinden:

Video „Conquer and Rise“ of LastLight:

More informations on Tausend Löwen unter Feinden:

More informations on Last Light:

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