Sleepless Nights Fanzine 1 & 2

By Ed

I just got both issues of sleepless nights fanzine in from Ben visually the covers on both are awesome just the way I like a zine, copy and paste ish style in both and some great old pics of Carry On, Our Turn, Texas Is The Reason and more in both.


The john Lacroix interview is fantastic I have always been a fan of TYF so its rad to read that in 2017, Also the search interview in issue 2 is great real big all round one of the best zines out there right now.


Ben gives a brief history of the zine –

     I decided I wanted to do a fanzine because I still wanted to actively participate in hardcore and try to contribute in some way, and it seemed like fanzines were becoming somewhat extinct. After starting my own, I came to realize that there is some really cool people out there still printing their own zines, so I hope mine can offer a different perspective and original content that people will be interested in.

     My aim is to interview both new bands and people who have been around for a while, who will have a broader, more historical perspective. Specifically, I’m interested in changes in hardcore and what role technology has played in that. It’s been fun putting together a zine and I enjoy getting to ask questions I think might elicit interesting responses, and I hope whoever has checked it out has enjoyed it as well.
instagram: @sleeplessnightsfanzine






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