By Ed


DR. Yo guys whats up? thanks for hooking up for the interview.

Thank you for the interview, Ed!

DR. So when did Foreseen start out? The idea and then first practice etc?

Me and Erkka started Foreseen in the autumn of 2009. Initial intention was to play metallic hardcore influenced by the second Cro-Mags LP. We got the rest of the members


together pretty fast and we played our first show roughly 6 months after the first practice. The first line-up wrote and recorded Foreseen S/T 7″ (2010)

and Split 7″ with Upright (2011)

DR. when was your first show and who was it with?

3rd of April of 2010 at Oranssi-klubi in Helsinki. Cold Inside, Eye For All and Hammertime played that show. We covered Integrity and Leeway songs and the electricity

went off three times during our 20 minute set.

DR. How did all you guys get into hardcore? Is there/was there much of a scene in Finland?

Skateboarding introduced me to bunch of hard bands like, Cock Sparrer, Slayer, Zero Boys, Suicidal Tendencies, AC/DC etc. Not long after that the local skate vids


exposed me to local punk bands and I went to see a show. Now I’ve been involved in Helsinki punk and hardcore for a little bit more than ten years.

DR. How was the recording process for Helsinki Savagery?, Where you all happy with the end result for your first full length?

Nothing extraordinary really. If my memory serves me right, we tracked most of it during a weekend and then returned later on to finish the lead- and gang vocals, pickslides, lead guitar parts and all that.

I wasn’t happy how the vocals turned out in most of the songs and that hasn’t changed to this day, hah. We corrected the mistakes of the first LP on our brand new second


full-length, GRAVE DANGER. It’s out now on Svart Records & 20 Buck Spin in both vinyl and CD. There’ll be a tape release out soon too. Check it out!

DR.  What are some of your big influences in music in general?

Carnivore, Slayer, Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, Discharge, Nuclear Assault, Sepultura, Celtic Frost, Metallica, Amebix and tons of others.


DR. Are you guys fans of black metal Im guessing yes hahah which bands/era do you like?

I’m more into the bands from first wave like Venom, Hellhammer, Bathory etc. From later stuff I would mention Archgoat, Blasphemy and Beherit.

DR You guys seem to play out a lot how do you find the time between work etc?

We actually don’t play that much anymore. We try to focus more on quality instead of quantity and try to avoid playing the same cities all the time.

Finding time is tough with one of us working different shifts and one being a father of two, but somehow we still manage to do it.

DR. You guys have played the states more than once right?, How was that and do you have any good tour stories?


We toured the states in the summer of 2015 and now again this spring of 2017. Both tours were really nice. We got good crowd reactions, met a lot of cool people,

saw bunch of cool bands and at least I personally bought tons of records. We also ate way too much. I took us two tours to understand that we don’t need to clean the

plates. Portion sizes are just too much for us, hah!

DR. What venues did you like playing out there and which bands you like playing with the most?

Playing at legendary Skatepark Of Tampa in Florida was really cool experience. Peacebreakers, Witchtrial, Hammer And The Nails, Skourge, Concrete Elite, C.N.D.,


and our tour partners, Red Death were the best bands we saw on this tour

DR. What do you have anything in the works right now?

We are trying to find time for our fifth European tour and possibly some US dates for 2018.

DR. Any plans to play in the uk soon?

Nothing planned for UK right now. Keep them offers coming!

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