Unified Right

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DR: How’s things Oli, what have you been up to? What kind of thing are you doing for work and where are you based?

OG: Hey man. Been trying to stay on top of all things band related. Finishing writing the 7″ and getting ready to record it. Currently I work at an Architectural Salvage but I actually put in my two weeks two days ago. Tryin not to stress. I’m based in Sarasota, FL.


DR: What was your main motivation for starting or wanting to be in UR?

OG: My friend Branden (our singer) and I had wanted to start a band since we first met when I was 14 and he was 16. We never had enough people in our immediate area to make it happen. Then three years down the road we met our drummer corey and things just started to fall into place. Corey is our biggest asset and most layered member of Unified Right. A very talented musician and the son of carpet cleaner named Craig. Craig is one of our biggest supporters.

DR: What style would you say UR predominantly go for?

OG:  Crucial Intense Hardcore played fast then played slow always simple and urgent and direct and for the common man and now with guitar solos.


DR; What was your path into HC?

OG:Initially through my mother who showed me a small selection of bands she was familiar with from attending shows in Washington, DC in the 80’s. That interest was then slightly broadened thanks to a few older kids I used to skateboard with. Then in 8th grade I met an older head that skated at the local park. He was in the hardcore scene in Syracuse, NY in the 90’s and after telling him about my then narrow taste in punk and hardcore he introduced me to what was basically Revelation 001-012 and ultimately that started it all.

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DR: What would you say are UR’s main influences?

OG: While not always mirroring these sounds we are inspired to write and to play by bands such as AF, SA, RIP, YOT, WarZone, SOIA, Ball Of Destruction, NYWP.


DR: How do you approach the song writing side of things as a band?

OG: Up until the 7″ I would write all the riffs, bring them to practice, we’d chop and screw em a little bit, Corey would add crazy drum parts, and then Branden takes the song and puts lyrics to it. Sometimes I help out with lyrics a little bit too. But with the 7″ everyone has had a bigger role. Corey has written riffs, our bassist Preston has written parts, Branden’s thrown around some musical ideas, I’ve written some more lyrics. It’s been more of a group effort than in the past. Everyone still has their respective duties but we all have a little more of a hand in each aspect of the song. We also now have David Voss writing guitar solos to all these songs.

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DR: Are you pleased with the new Demo? Has it had the desired reception?

OG: Yeah I’m definitely pleased with the demo. At this point they already feel like old songs but none of them make us cringe yet so thats good. We never have high expectations for the reception of our band but it’s a great feeling to see a good chunk of people interested in the demo and what we do. We all feel satisfied with the reception we’ve gotten since it was released.


DR: You also got to play some shows with friends Intent and Demolition, how was that and do you have any funny stories?

OG: Really fucking cool to be able to play with Intent and Demolition as much as we have. Touring with them and having the absolute treat of moshing to both of those bands every single night is all I’ll ever need. Zach has always helped us out a fuck ton and really been the reason we’ve been able to tour and play the places we have. Always a huge shout out to him. No funny stories spring to mind at the moment. On this last tour I watched Bobby from Demolition sort of scoop up Branden and move him out of his way while moshing during an Intent set. It was adorable. It made Branden look so tiny. Kind of like a dog carrying around it’s pups.


DR: What other Music are you into apart from HC?

OG:We all love Oasis, Thin Lizzy, Prayer Chain, Slayer, Kanye West, Milk Music, The Sundays. Ya know the staples.

DR: How would you describe a usual UR crowd?

OG:Ya know just a healthy amount of dancing and fist pumping. Moving around. No one gets hurt. I think we always get some good motion going on. I love seeing familiar faces on the dance floor.


DR: What other music apart from Hardcore do you guys get Syked on?

DR: What kind of stuff do you do apart from play music?

OG:  All of us work a lot. And those of us that have girlfriends do girlfriend stuff. But we all hangout consistently. Spend a lot of money on food and then regret it. We all have Aspergers so each day is a struggle dealing with that. We used to go to the beach but now there’s so many reasons to be scared of the ocean that we don’t go anymore. The Unified Right lifestyle has many layers and can be difficult to explain.

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DR: What other bands/projects are you guys In or working on?

OG:Corey has a solo project that’s amazing called Strange Week. You can listen to it at strangeweek1.bandcamp.com. David and I just started a new band called Sleight Of Hand that’s heavily influenced by Supertouch/Underdog/funky shit. David is also in a great rock band called Prayer Chain and you can listen to them at prayerchain.bandcamp.com. Preston used to be in a band called Shadow Laughter. They’re fantastic. Huge shout out to Phil from Shadow Laughter.

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