By Ed


Ecostrike Interview With Lennon (Vocals)

from earlier in the month.

All Pictures by Jeff Lasich

DR: Hey Lennon what’s up man?

Hey man, not much, just relaxing before I go to work and packing up some stuff to ship out.ecostrike 1DR: How was FYA fest?, Who played killer sets?

FYA fest was amazing. Bob who runs the fest puts in an insane amount of work year round to make it an awesome time. The fest prides itself on trying to get a diverse lineup and represent all different facets of whats going on in hardcore right now which is a great thing and I think people are finally starting to get that. Favorite sets for me: Magnitude, xElegyx, Abuse Of Power, Substance, Search For Purpose, Division Of Mind.

DR: How did you enjoy playing the final CTW fest? Your set was blinding dude.Did you get to chill and each much and shit in London?


It was a lot of fun! We came over for just shy of a week and only played one show which was cool because I got to spend time hanging out with a lot of UK friends who I miss alot. Also got to go to a show the night before in London and see Knuckledust, Frame of Mind and Firm Standing Law. Pat Hassan is one of my favorite people and has always been great to me and my bands so coming over to say goodbye to the label was a cool experience and I’m glad it worked out.


DR: Ok Take us back when and where did Ecostrike start, first practice and show?

When Ecostrike started, it was just me and two other guys who wanted to record some songs for fun and had no intentions of it really turning into a serious band. I wrote the music and recorded all the instruments on the demo (except vocals, someone else sang and I was gonna be the drummer in the final lineup). We never played a show like that. Eventually the singer was no longer part of the band and we decided to kind of start over with a new lineup with me singing and do the band more seriously. It’s hard for me to really even consider the Ecostrike demo a part of the band given that what it’s become now is so different.111DR: What’s been your favorite show and place to play so far?

FYA this last year was for sure the best show we’ve ever played. South Florida in general is amazing but we’ve gotten the opportunity to play bigger fests like TIHC and Sound & Fury and we had really cool sets at those fests. Atlanta is amazing to play too!
DR: How did you end up on CTW?


Pat had put out a 7″ and an LP for another band that some of us were playing in so it just made sense for him to do Ecostrike too. He did the demo on cassette and then offered to do a 7″ which is part of what urged us to restructure the band and keep it going.

DR: Were you pleased with how the 7” came out?

Yeah absolutely. I love how it came out and we went back to record our new 12″ EP at the same studio with our friend John Howard because his recording style is perfect for our band. Pat was awesome with the packaging of the 7″ too and down to have us do a booklet that included lyric explanations and stuff.


DR: What kind of bands influence you apart from obvious connections to Earth Crisis and Strife?

It’s funny that people say we’re so influenced by Earth Crisis constantly because although I love them a lot I don’t necessarily think we sound too much like them. Maybe we sound like the all out war 7″ specifically? I don’t know, maybe it’s the imagery on the demo or the lyrics, or just the fact that we’re a vegan edge band. Musically we’re influenced a lot by Strife, Strain, Outspoken. Tension, Spawn… I would say thats the top 5 influences and our sound falls somewhere in between those. Maybe a tiny bit of Judge peppered in there too.


DR: Was being in a Vegan Edge band something you all wanted to do for a while? It’s easy to be vegan in the states (I assume)? but how do you find it when traveling?

Yeah I tried to do a vegan edge band before this but it was hard to get it going so I’m glad that it finally worked out. It is so insanely easy to be vegan in the states and everywhere else I’ve traveled. it’s only getting easier by the day!

DR: What other bands do you guys play in?

All of us except for Jared play in Drawing Last Breath, although we’ve got our final show coming up soon and that band will be put to rest. Jared plays in Day by Day, Field Agent, & X-Force. Meatle plays in Magnitude & Search For Purpose. Luke and I play in Secondsight & Sandman. I play in Forge, Big Mack and will soon be releasing a demo for

a new vegan edge band called Dawnguard.0A4429C5-0A4C-429C-B0EA-2CC7DABDD666

DR: Tell us a bit about your zine plead your case?

Plead Your Case is a zine I’ve been doing since 2012. I feel like doing a printed fanzine is the absolute essence of love for hardcore. You won’t make any money off it, you will sink a ton of time, and realistically you won’t get any sort of clout or respect for doing it… It’s strictly just a true expression of love for hardcore with pure motivations. It’s something that I love doing and it feels so extremely rewarding. I wanted to put out a couple tapes through the zine for my friends bands & eventually that led to it just becoming a full blown label. I recently just released my 5th 7″ and have plans to do my first LP through

the label this year. C79DBA1A-00A8-4BE6-94EA-88A2818689C9

DR: Do you think the Straight Edge will get stronger in 2018? I’ve noticed a lot of kids that were Edge a couple of years ago are not anymore. How is the Straight Edge in your area?

YES. A lot of kids who were in sxe bands here in the states sold out recently and it seemed like there was a big “straight edge isn’t cool anymore” vibe going on, and as a pendulum result to that a lot of straight edge pride is shining brighter than ever and now lots of kids are X’ing up and starting more straight edge bands. Most of my favorite

current hardcore bands are sxe bands.D7A45474-32FF-41D2-99D9-C23446BF27AD

DR: What new bands are you guys listening too and stoked on right now?

Magnitude is my absolute favorite current band. Their Demo and 7″ blew me away. I love Search For Purpose, Abuse Of Power, Day by Day, Deflect, Division Of Mind, Year of the Knife, Substance, Free, Glory, Firm Standing Law, Frame Of Mind… lots of fantastic hardcore coming out right now.

DR: What can expect in the future?

New Ecostrike 12″ out very very very soon on Triple B Records!








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