Rapture – Mia Raby

By Ed

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DR: First up do you want to tell us who you are and what you play?

Hi! I am Mia and I do vocals, the rest of the band are Meg – Guitar. Anth – Bass. And Razor – Drums.

DR: How did you get into Hardcore?

I’m not really sure although I feel like if I didn’t have the mum I did I wouldn’t be into hardcore now. She would to take me to a load of big UK festivals throughout school like Download which had bands like Slayer, Black Sabbath and Slipknot playing, and I guess that’s where it all started. When I was old enough to travel into Manchester by myself I met a bunch of like-minded people like myself who also liked that stuff but who were also in Hardcore which was new to me. They would go to shows there and I just tagged along, figured out I was into it and never left.


DR: What was your first show?

My first ever show was actually Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Manchester with my mum when I was around 6. I begged her to take me with me because I loved Anthony Kiedis so much and I used to dress up as him, I liked to think he was like my alter ego. I remember standing on the seats because I was so tiny I couldn’t see, and I loved it.

DR: What was the first record you bought?

The first record I ever bought was some 7” of The Smiths ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ in a charity shop in my home town for 50p when I was around 14. I was amazed you could just find these things in charity shops and at how cheap they were, so I guess my record buying started from there!

DR: How is it being a female fronted Hardcore band in 2018?

I mean, I guess it’s no different than being a ‘male’ fronted band. None of us have ever promoted the band to be ‘female fronted’ and it’s a term I try and tend to avoid but I guess when Rapture first started I was kind of naïve to think that we wouldn’t have that label slapped on to us. When the band first started we got some criticism about being ‘female fronted’ and that really did put me off performing on stage and having fun in fear of being judged. I at first felt like we were no different than other bands but at the same time I felt like because I was putting myself out there I had to be a voice for some people. But recently I’ve felt a shift in my whole attitude and I’ve started to not really care about what people think. I suppose a pro of being in a ‘female fronted band’ is the number of amazing women I have met around the or have reached out to me on the internet through Rapture and I’m so grateful for that. 2017 was a really good year let’s say people who are usually within the margins of the hardcore scene such as POC and women being involved whether it is starting a band or simply coming to shows – I’m hoping to see more of this in 2018.


DR: Who writes the songs in Rapture, and what kind of stuff do you focus on writing/singing about?

We all write the songs and that’s one of the things which is most enjoyable. I like how if someone can’t think of a good way to wrap up a song, or they feel like something is missing, then another will just say ‘well I have this riff which could be cool’. A lot of bands can become one person’s sole project, but Rapture feels like a real communal effort between all members. I try and tend to write lyrics about varied subjects from being a woman, to the world being money/ war hungry. I think it’s good to try and highlight issues within the music, especially if you’re someone like me that would find it hard to stand and give a speech highlighting these issues. I try and make the music speak for itself.


DR: When did you first start practicing and then playing shows?

We first started practicing in August/September 2016 and started playing shows around the same time. We all lived within 10 minutes of each other when the demo was recorded which made it very easy to practice regularly.

DR: How did you end up on Youngblood? ,Sean has some great bands over there.

Yeah, he really does. I had met him in America a couple of years ago and briefly spoke, so we know of each other already, and when the demo was released he had included us in his email newsletters etc which was cool and had messaged a few times over the internet. He reached out to me a couple of days after Christmas 2017 and messaged me saying ‘Happy Holidays!’ and asked me if we’d be interested in releasing a 12” with Youngblood, which is all super exciting for us, Youngblood is one of my favourite record labels.

DR: What bands do you draw influence from?

Bands we draw influence from are varied; I would say our main influences are the likes of Floorpunch, Turning Point, Straight Ahead and Agnostic Front.

DR: Any Euro tours or anything coming up?

No tours planned as of yet however we’re playing several fests/shows in the UK and on the mainland – namely Spain and Germany which is exciting, but I guess we’ll just see what this year has in store for us.

rapture 1

DR: I saw your record for sale in Nerds Records a couple of weeks back while visiting Japan and my buddy Hiro told me Rapture and Higher Power are popular in Japan, does that seem surreal to you guys?

It does seem surreal and very humbling to know people on the other side of the world enjoy our music. Funnily I visited that store when I was over and it had a bunch of great UK bands tapes in there such as Insist and True Vision, so it’s so nice to know our music is in that store now.


DR: How good are the donuts at Temple coffee?

So good, I’ve only been a couple of times so far but the actual store itself is super cute.




DR: What other music do you guys dig?

I think we all have a varied taste in music. My favourite bands to name a few are Oasis, Pearl Jam, Stone Roses, and Abba. But honestly, I guess it just depends what day it is and what mood I’m in.


DR: Anything else you wanna add? Bands we should check out etc?

Game, Stages in Faith, Domain, Screw, Payday. Also, a shout out to QCHQ/ Ola for being the best at what she does.


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