Dear Furious

By Ed


R: Hey man do you want to start by telling us who’s in the band and what they play?

Isaac- Isaac vocals, Mike guitar, Brian guitar, Matt drums, Marc bass.

DR When did the idea, then first practice for DF happen?

Isaac- I approached Brian awhile ago about writing some songs together. We both talked to Mike, and decided to try something. First practice was with Marc on drums but eventually switched over to bass and Matt took over on drums.


DR: How would you describe DF’s vibe?

Isaac- Horrific and a nightmare at best.

DR: is there certain topics you guys touch on more than offers when writing lyrics?

Isaac- I touch a few different subjects but they may not be overtly obvious. I’m an older dude now, my writing has greatly improved over the decades and I choose to shy away from using words or verbiage that make things plainly obvious. I prefer to express myself more poetically, shying away from basic understandings. I want the songs to mean something to the listener and I cannot assume to know how a certain song will affect someone. I would rather you find a meaning on your own. You can always count on the lyrics being dark though.

Furious (4 of 9)

DR: how do you approach the writing of songs?

Isaac- Lyrically I approached them from the view of “that little voice” in your head. That devil or angel in your ear whispering. What if you acted on them? What if you said the words, expressed the feelings, and acted true and without censor?

DR: What’s bands directly influence you?

Isaac- I don’t follow trends. I am my biggest influence. Mike likes The Geto Boys, Matt likes Helmet, Brian likes Devildriver, Marc likes Pretty Boy Floyd and Del Taco.


DR: What bands were you guys affiliated with before DF?

Isaac- I was the singer in A Chorus of Disapproval, and Amendment Eighteen (A.18). Mike played guitar in Outspoken and A.18. Brian played guitar in Mean Season. Matt played in Adamantium and is currently in Precious. Marc played in Throwdown and is currently in The Eulogy.

DR: you have a new record out right? Tell us a bit about that where was it recorded etc?

Isaac- Yes we do! 4 song 7 inch and I hear its selling well! We originally recorded this as a demo and were going to release a song at a time, but the buzz was building so we decided to release this on vinyl.

DR: What bands do you guys listen to often?

Isaac- I listen to a wide variety of music. Music is my life so I try to stay abreast of a great deal of bands and musicians. I could not pinpoint a single band, but I do listen to Code Orange a lot. Queensway from Baltimore is dope. Freedom from Detroit are good. I also like Run The Jewels, and a shitload of other dope stuff.

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DR: What’s an all time top 5 for you? Bands and records.

Isaac- I don’t believe in top 5 albums or bands. I believe in moments. I’ve never heard a flawless record. Maybe Abbey Road or The Wall are flawless, but I believe is Top Moments. There are WAY too many moments to pin down. Daniel by Elton John makes me weep like a child. Slap My Bitch Up by Prodigy is the song is my fight song, I always hear it in my head when I have to handle someone.

DR: What can we expect from DF in the future?

Isaac- Pain.

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