Safe & Devarishi ( Apparel & Music )

By Ed



SAFE started out as a studio project when Dharmavit Das was busy with other bands recording in 2004. The first EP and following CD were made only for the sake of writing music, at the time SAFE wasn’t a real band. With the “Ride A New Season” album out in 2014 Dharmavit decided to form a permanent band to play gigs and make SAFE a legit band. The sound at the time was a mix of hardcore and punk rock with personal Lyrics.


SAFE played a bunch of shows in Italy, Switzerland and Germany but decided to take a break when Dharmavit moved from Milano to Germany in 2016. On the edge of the Black Forrest, Dharmavit regrouped the band and today SAFE is releasing their new 7″ EP, three brand new songs – fresh, fast, positive, melodic and on point hardcore. Don’t miss them live!



Instagram: @safex108






Located on the edge of the Black Forrest in Southern Germany, DEVARISHI is a union of DIY HC Kids joining forces in a creative and spiritual symbiosis.


DEVARISHI is a fairly young Label focusing on Apparel and Music. All Apparel Designs are inspired by 80/90ies Punk HC, Skateboarding, Vegetarianism and Spirituality. Youth Crew Records was founded in 1998 in Milano, Italy, published 22 releases. YCR is now a division under the roof of the House of DEVARISHI.


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