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By Ed 

And All Photographs by Mike.


Mike took a bunch of photos at Natefest which was a very cool event over two days for a very good cause.

Heres some pictures of Mouthpiece,Floorpunch and Killing Time!




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Nothing Can Compare – The Definitive Ed Mckirdy Interview – Part #2

By Ed


DR: What was your your personal channel into Hardcore? And who are stand out favorites for you to this day?


Hands Tied

Well I’ve been calling myself straight edge since I was 13, but to this day I have never even tried alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. What happened at 13? Well, in 7th grade, a new kid from Southern California named Mike Millet started going to my school and not only did he bring with him all the glories of skateboarding (including the coolest skater bang I have ever seen) he also brought the sickest music I had ever heard. Up to this point, I was getting my kicks listening to Twisted Sister and Quiet Riot, so when Mike handed me a beaten up old tape with Fear on one side and Suicidal Tendencies on the other, I was hooked from day one. I begged my mom to take me to the Rockaway Mall where she was generous enough to buy me the Suicidal Tendencies debut album on vinyl. That was it. Fast forward six months later, I was now a full-on skater with a million records and zero capacity to perform an ollie that got my board to lose contact with the pavement. I sucked at skating, but loved the culture (or anti-culture) and was obsessed with the music.



It was around this time that all my friends were getting way more into experimenting with booze and cigarettes (Mike actually started smoking in 5th grade, which I thought was his one personality flaw) and way less into hanging out and having fun being idiots with me (I had a small obsession with homemade fireworks and setting the street on fire with rubber cement). This was all I needed, but now my crew was skating less and getting wasted more (and I already felt like an outsider because my skateboarding was the stuff of nightmares). I was beginning to feel lost and severe pubescent angst was hitting hard. Then one day it finally happened…Minor Threat. Holy lord…I had been on a quest to find a band as fast as the Dead Kennedys could get with as tough a sound as The Exploited, and what do I discover? A band that blows all of these punk bands out of the water AND they have lyrics about not drinking and smoking?! And they look like skateboarders? Well, that was just too much to handle. I was sold.

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Nothing Can Compare – The Definitive Ed Mckirdy Interview – Part #1

By Ed


Ok, so here I am again writing about a very favourite topic of mine… Ed McKirdy and Tim McMahon bands.

It’s no secret that the bands these guys played in seriously do it for me.

I’ve been a real big fan of most of their work with an extra special interest in Mouthpiece and Hands Tied since the first time I head them, so really I guess this just caps it off for me with regards to writing about their bands.

After doing the big 4 part Definitive Tim McMahon interview nearly a year ago, I knew i wanted to do more, so my obvious choice with whom to get an extension on these topics was Ed.


DR: Hi Ed, how’s things?

Hey, man. Well, things are great on a personal level, but on global scale, I can’t imagine them being much worse. It’s gotten to the point that being informed means being gravely concerned. Thank God for distractions!


Hands Tied

DR: Lets Talk a little bit about Killing Flame, give us a little bit of History.

Well, I moved out to Southern California (for the second time after a stint in 1995 when I worked for New Age Records and played in a band called The Suppression Swing with Mike Hartsfield) in late 1999. Shortly thereafter, I started Livewire Records, my first release being an Eleven-Thirty Four 7″. Those guys had been friends of mine since moving out to Cali in 1995, and with a final show coming up they wanted to put out a single to sell at the show. I had always flirted with the idea of starting a label and with only weeks until the show, I jumped at the challenge/opportunity to help them out and get a record pressed.


The Killing Flame

With the success of that release, and armed with the newfound awareness that I could actually pull off releasing records, I was eager to put out another. Enter Joe Nelson, vocalist for The Killing Flame. Joe contacted me, somewhat out of the blue, and asked if I’d be interested in doing a domestic release of their 7″ “The Dream Dies.” Having been a huge Unity and Ignite fan, this was a no-brainer. The band featured Joe D. Foster of both aforementioned bands and I was also into Joe Nelson’s vocals on the early Ignite stuff. LWR-2 was set in stone.

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