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John J Pearson: Artist,Guitarist,Collector, Good Dude

By: Edphoto (2)

I  Thought it Would be cool to take a look at the artwork from Droid Rage issue one  inspired by my love of Star Wars and Girls.

i literally Knew straight away who i wanted to do the art work … old buddy Pearson.

when i first left home i moved to Leicester City with  Pearson and 2 of  the other members of what  would be Fifty On Red.

Fifty On Red were a Straight Edge Hardcore band  on Dead and Gone Records from Leicester City.


Fifty On Red Bio By John Pearson.

“Fifty on Red lasted between 2004 – 2005, we had a blast. We put out a 7″ on Dead & Gone Records, played a bunch of shows and had a wild time, but rather than bore you with a standard bio that could be for a thousand other hardcore bands, here are few of my favorite moments in no particular order of the horror that was that year. Firstly, the time we were in London and threw a water bomb into a woman’s face from a speeding car to witness her crumble to the floor, and the crushing guilt felt afterwards as a crowd of people ran to her aid. Secondly, the time we were at a service station, watched a man clean the boot of his car for 45 minutes, then drove past and threw cartons of orange juice and half eaten food in there, and the look of fear on his face while we cried with laughter. Finally, the time we were at a petrol station, and threw fireworks at bunch of kids, then threw fireworks into a Tesco Express and watched people run in terror. We played out final show at the Old Angel in Nottingham, and then myself and Pete started a band called Downfall that put out a demo tape and recorded a 7” that never got released, which is probably for the best because it had the most terrible production I’ve heard. People from that band went on to do Rot in Hell, while the rest of Fifty on Red went on to do Deal With It. Currently, I listen to music I would’ve laughed at 10 years ago and draw things at

Fifty On Red: Last Show  the Old Angel Nottingham England.






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