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Making The Worst Of It : Clocked Out

By Tieuma


If there’s something I always loved about Scotland, it’s their accent. It’s like speaking from someone out of Quebec when your French. It’s also a big issue for me, since my ears have an American accent as standard, and believe me there’s a huge difference between the two. That huge difference made me feel a bit confused when I first spoke to CLOCKED OUT, as I would have used a translater really.

They played in Strasbourg last April, with an Italian band called STORM {O}, and we oppened for them with one of my bands. Neat show. Those guys are crazy on stage and damn funny in general. Since I first listened to them back in 2013, I wanted to do an interview somehow, but I never went further the idea of it because I was way more lazy than I am today. So when I knew I’d see them, the idea struck me back and I’m glad I could do this face to face.

After the show I sat outside the venue with them four guys, and a bunch of other people. Crawford (singer), Tony (Bass), Paddy (drums), Mick (Guitars) and myself, on the floor like damn hippies. And their accent. It was a harsh task, but after some times struggling, here it is, their interview.

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