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Jay Peptio – Golden Age

By Ed


Golden Age have just put out their 2014 demo.

I’m liking what I hear, it’s a bit different and not normally something I would listen to or write about, but I thought I’d ask my dude Jay Peptio- Bass, (and also vocals for Reign Supreme, if you weren’t aware of that) to do a little mini bio on what’s up with this band that seems to be becoming pretty popular, pretty quick!

ED- So why and how did you decide on a Pop Punk project bro?

JP- Basically, I joined the band after it already existed in some way.  Ed, Mike, and Drew had all been jamming for a little while, and were looking for a singer.  Ed knew me from the tattoo shop where I get a lot of work done, and he knew that I fronted Reign Supreme, so he asked me to jam.  I knew that I couldn’t really pull off the vocals for this kind of band, but told him to send me a demo.
They sent me a garageband demo, and I loved it; I found the songs to be really interesting and fun, but a bit more mature than a lot of pop-punk bands tend to be.  So, not long after, I told them I would be happy to play bass, but wasn’t interested in singing.  After one practice, they asked me to join, and we searched for a singer for a while, to no avail.  Eventually, Mike got sick of it, and just wrote vocals one day and they blew us away.
We picked the name Golden Age, we’ve been writing and practicing for just about a year now, and we’re ready to start playing shows up and down the East Coast in 2015.  We’ve been in talks with a few labels, but no news on a record yet.
For now, listen to our demo for FREE at:
Oh, and if you are a fan of Reign, make sure you come out and help us decimate Groezrock this year!

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