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Dan O’Mahony – No For An Answer.

By Ed


Me and freddy had been talking about various hardcore bands and things for a while.

And after me admiring some of his fantastic old pics  I knew I wanted post some of his old stuff up on here. So he did some digging and came up with some utter gold this being the first instalment.

Words and interview by Freddy Twice.

n.b. I did this interview in 1988, almost 30 years ago, it´s a long time…it´s a whole life, i did not read this interview since it was published  right after i got it from Dan. Many questions, actually, sound silly, childish or naive…but if you read deep between the lines, things aren´t really changed too much, yes we are older, wiser (hopefully), someone got a family, some not, some got kids, some not, maybe overweight or bald…but many of the people of this interview are still there, involved with the scene, a little less dreamers, but still struggling: Dan with DONE DYING,GAVIN with Bloodydays, America is still bombing the world….rapists still out there…and me ? I STILL BELIEVE !!!

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A tribute to 1988 + interview = VISUAL DISCRIMINATION

by Jean

Recently I was checking the list of  1988 records I fill from time to time to write my “A tribute to 1988” columns and, by a curious quirk of fate, it happened that we got an e-mail from Tim Sawyer, singer of Los Angeles/Orange County based VISUAL DISCRIMINATION, a band which had released in 1988 a top LP on Nemesis Records titled “Step Back And Listen” I was actually very keen on reviewing and explain why this very specific record is important to me.


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Nick Evans – Discrepancy

By Ed


 The Discrepancy Demo has had some serious air time since I first heard it.

Its pretty much my gear when it comes to Straight Edge Hardcore.

So theres not much else to say really….I knew I wanted to interview one of the guys from the band so Sean (YoungBlood) Put me in contact with Nick and the rest is History.


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