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The Power To Change – The Peter J. Amdam Interview Part One – Sportswear.

By Ed


Man Were do I start ….Well Sportswear have always been a band I’ve been interested in and loved.

I remember being very interested in that whole Scandinavian Hardcore scene around.

those guys were getting it so right back then.

I myself have spent a lot of time in Scandinavia traveled around all of it and lived for two years in Sweden as well as spending a bunch of time in Denmark as my girlfriend was working there.

But I really do think there is a very different vibe all over nothing is the same really in any of those countries.

Nothing is the same there now not many bands really seem to go there anymore which is a massive shame as i do think they have some very dedicated fans of Straight Edge Hardcore.

Norway is great place and id say hands down my favourite of the Scandinavian countries.

I actually never though id get to interview any of the guys from Sportswear so being able to work with Peter was just killer.


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