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Nothing Can Compare – The Definitive Ed Mckirdy Interview – Part #1

By Ed


Ok, so here I am again writing about a very favourite topic of mine… Ed McKirdy and Tim McMahon bands.

It’s no secret that the bands these guys played in seriously do it for me.

I’ve been a real big fan of most of their work with an extra special interest in Mouthpiece and Hands Tied since the first time I head them, so really I guess this just caps it off for me with regards to writing about their bands.

After doing the big 4 part Definitive Tim McMahon interview nearly a year ago, I knew i wanted to do more, so my obvious choice with whom to get an extension on these topics was Ed.


DR: Hi Ed, how’s things?

Hey, man. Well, things are great on a personal level, but on global scale, I can’t imagine them being much worse. It’s gotten to the point that being informed means being gravely concerned. Thank God for distractions!


Hands Tied

DR: Lets Talk a little bit about Killing Flame, give us a little bit of History.

Well, I moved out to Southern California (for the second time after a stint in 1995 when I worked for New Age Records and played in a band called The Suppression Swing with Mike Hartsfield) in late 1999. Shortly thereafter, I started Livewire Records, my first release being an Eleven-Thirty Four 7″. Those guys had been friends of mine since moving out to Cali in 1995, and with a final show coming up they wanted to put out a single to sell at the show. I had always flirted with the idea of starting a label and with only weeks until the show, I jumped at the challenge/opportunity to help them out and get a record pressed.


The Killing Flame

With the success of that release, and armed with the newfound awareness that I could actually pull off releasing records, I was eager to put out another. Enter Joe Nelson, vocalist for The Killing Flame. Joe contacted me, somewhat out of the blue, and asked if I’d be interested in doing a domestic release of their 7″ “The Dream Dies.” Having been a huge Unity and Ignite fan, this was a no-brainer. The band featured Joe D. Foster of both aforementioned bands and I was also into Joe Nelson’s vocals on the early Ignite stuff. LWR-2 was set in stone.

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