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An Interview With Alfredo Gutierrez Of Forced Order, Soul Search, Fury And More… Part 2.

By Ed


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An Interview With Alfredo Gutierrez Of Forced Order, Soul Search, Fury And More… Part 1.

By Ed


I don’t really think anybody that listens to modern Hardcore hasn’t heard of either Soul Search, Fury Or Forced Order, even Whats Good. So here’s an interview with a dude heavily involved in the Hardcore scene, who’s in two bands that are signed to Rev and with numerous tours under his belt in Europe and beyond…


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Soul Search:Dorian Zambrano – Interview

By: Ed


Ive been a fan of Soul Search for around a year. Really like their sound.

Heres an interview i did with Dorian (Drums)By

DR: First off, Introduce yourself.

DZ:  My name is Dorian, and I play drums in SS.

DR: Who is in and does what in SS.

DZ: Omar sings, Aaron & Nick play guitar, Alfredo plays bass and I (Dorian) play drums.


DR: What made you start up? Were you all doing bands before SS?

DZ: Soul Search started in 2010. Pretty much me, Omar and our then guitarist, Ronnie, wanted to start a hardcore band, heavily influenced by NYHC, something that no one was doing on the West Coast. After a few practices, we wrote the demo.

DR: You have just signed to Rev, right? That must be awesome.

Tell us a bit about the new record.


DZ:  It’s crazy man, never thought I’d be on a label with some of my favorite bands. Some of the early Revelation roster is responsible for getting me into Hardcore, and now I get to be part of that label, pretty fuckin sick. Well the record is pretty much done. Me, Aaron & Alfredo were in the studio 3 days last week tracking it. We finished all the music. So now, only thing that’s left is for Omar to do vocals. Hopefully he does that soon. Our first release on Revelation Records will be a reissue of “Nothing But A Nightmare” remixed and remastered with brand new layout and artwork.

DR: Who was putting your stuff out before that?

DZ:  Thick Skin put out our demo 7 inch. Triple B Records put out “Bury The Blame”. We did a compilation 7″ on Flatspot Records. We were on the Americas Hardcore Vol. 2 on Triple B Records. Our “Nothing But A Nightmare” 7inch came out on Back To Back & Closed Casket Activities is putting out the Soul Search/Minus split 7″ that should be out very soon.


DR: what are some of the bands that influence your sound? Past and present?

DZ:  We are influenced by DMIZE, Merauder & Confusion.

DR: Did you guys play UB this year?

What other fests have you played?

DZ: Didn’t play UB this year, but we did play it last year. We’ve played Sound & Fury, Rainfest, This Is Hardcore, Destroy LA Fest & United Blood.

DR: Do you think you will get over to Europe this summer?

DZ:  Hopefully. We are actually trying to come out this year so hopefully it happens and we can actually go through with it. Only thing I’m worried is about promoters not taking us seriously this time around, lol, but I don’t blame them. Every time we’ve canceled Europe, it’s been for a reason beyond our control.

DR: What kinda places do you like to play?

DZ:  We’ll play anywhere.

DR: Who are some of the other HC bands local to you?

DZ: Fury, Forced Order, Disapproval, Whats Good, New Brigade, Enough Said, Stoic Violence, Slammers, Violent Situation, God’s Hate.


DR: Who do you like playing with the most?

DZ:  It’s cool when we play shows with our friends.

DR: What other stuff do you have going on other than SS?

DZ:  I play drums in Forced Order. Alfredo plays bass in Forced Order and guitar Fury. Nick plays guitar in New Brigade. Alfredo & I also play in Whats Good


DR: Thanks Bro anything else you want to say?

DZ:  We got a new LP coming later this year on Revelation Records. Expect us to hit the road pretty hard soon after that

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